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Knowing This About Toxins Could Save Your Life

Knowing This About Toxins Could Save Your Life

By Khadijha Alexander 

In 2016, my seemingly normal 2-year-old son regressed and lost all speech. Within the same year, my aunt was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At first, I thought there was no commonality between these two occurrences. However, after embarking upon preliminary research in efforts to help my son I soon discovered there was a common thread between my son’s regression and my aunt’s brain tumor diagnosis.


In addition to doing research of my own, I also sought the help of physicians of various specialties. Yet, no one could provide a viable explanation for what had happened to my little boy. Nonetheless, I was advised to get him therapy as early as possible, in hopes of increasing the chances of a more favorable outcome for him in the future. A lot of forthcoming advice from the experts, yet there was no forthcoming answer to my WHY? I needed an answer because if I could figure out the ‘WHY’ then I could possibly figure out the ‘HOW’ to get my son healed and one hundred percent recovered.

The conclusions based on my research was quite disturbing in my opinion. Repeatedly in article after article one word kept resurfacing as the possible cause for both my son’s and my aunt’s complications: TOXINS. According to numerous scientists, the combination of toxins and our genetics are creating a ‘perfect storm.’ We currently live in an incredibly toxic world and our children are bearing the brunt of it. This is evidenced by the staggering amount of various types of toxins present in cord blood.

A newborn born today has over 200 toxic chemicals present in the cord blood. Mothers are unknowingly and certainly unintentionally, passing these toxins onto our babies. After birth, we continue to add to the toxic burdening of our kids by the synthetic and toxin containing products we allow into our homes. Then we wonder why we are experiencing a seemingly unexplainable Autism epidemic?

Case in point, the average American woman applies over 300 different chemicals before 8 am. The types of chemicals the American regulating bodies allow in our products is pretty disgusting. Whilst other countries, such as Canada, Japan and most of Europe have banned over 1,000 ingredients for use in personal care products here in the U.S. the number stands at a paltry 8. I have also noted that products which are marketed for use by African American women are among the most toxic.

So why are these ingredients so dangerous? These ingredients can mimic estrogen in the system leading to hormonal issues. There have also been links to toxins and other illnesses, for example; diabetes, infertility and thyroid issues. Do I have any takers? Some of the ingredients in hair care products are known neurotoxins. Likewise, toxins have been linked to the development of other types of cancers, as well as respiratory issues. Statistics related to the number of persons with respiratory complications (such as childhood asthma) are on the rise.

So, what are some of the signs of body toxicity? Allergies, unexplained rashes, gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, and weight gain are just a few. Unfortunately, these symptoms have been normalized by many modern-day perspectives. How many babies do you know that have eczema, acid reflux or GERD? How many people do you know have asthma, diabetes, cancer or thyroid issues? Even though they are experiencing symptoms of body toxicity, when told their symptoms may be related to toxic chemicals in products they are using, sadly most people say, ‘Well I feel fine so I’m not going to stop using it because it makes my hair look good, makes me smell good, etc’.

The problem may not be the chemicals in that one product but one needs to consider the bioaccumulation process which all humans are vulnerable to. Think of your body as a cup in which you are constantly placing toxin containing substances. Over time your body cannot use or release the toxins, then toxic waste is stored within and builds up. Consider for a moment, that each time you use your lotion or conditioner, a ‘toxin containing drip’ gets left behind in your body. When your cup (body) is full, that’s when disease manifest.

Therefore, based on my toxin awakening the first priority was to adopt necessary measures to reduce my son’s toxic load. This included alternative measures aimed toward healing his gut issues and within a matter of months, my son began to improve. My son has since regained his speech and currently, he asks ‘what’ and ‘why’ types of questions. This is assuredly a huge improvement compared to when he regressed.

Not only did I make changes to reduce my son’s toxic burden, but I did the same for myself. As a result of this, I began to have pain free menstrual cycles. A huge change for a woman that used to pop pills like crazy every month. More specifically, I attribute this positive change to the fact that I stopped introducing synthetic estrogen into my ‘cup’ via body fragrances. I certainly would not wish a similar journey to the one I have traversed on anyone. However, I often say that my son’s challenges which might I add, he bravely overcame, has probably saved my life. Ever since my awakening regarding the link between toxins and how they contribute to illness, I am evermore diligent about the produce and products I allow into my home and around my boys. Unfortunately, my aunt passed away in January of 2017 but I am determined to honor her memory by teaching as many women as I can to check their products. Start reading the labels on your personal care and cleaning products before deciding to purchase them. Don’t just read food labels. Weigh the possibility of becoming ill with what the toxin containing product promises to achieve without guarantee, then decide if it is worth the risk to our health. The onus is upon us as parents to take on the responsibility. In closing, my hope is that we all begin to police our products as if our lives depend on it, because the reality is the quality of our lives, without a doubt is dependent on how well we achieve this.

What do you think about this article? Will it impact the type of products you buy?
Knowing This About Toxins Could Save Your Life
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