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Review: I Tried the Mega Popular Teeth Whitener Owned By This Multi-Millionaire Mom

Review: I Tried the Mega Popular Teeth Whitener Owned By This Multi-Millionaire Mom
Amber Rose and Ramon Griggie of Express Smile Atlanta

By Erickka Sy Savané

When it comes to teeth whitening, the mother of all teeth whitening, at least as far as instagram is concerned, is Express Smile Atlanta (ESA). Go to their page and celebrities like Amber Rose, Kylie Jenner and even Teyana Taylor and hubby Iman Shumpert are packed like sardines, big-upping the product for making their teeth pearly white. At some point, it starts looking suspicious because we all know that stars be getting PAID to endorse products!So honesty, while the celeb endorsements did peak my interest, what tipped me over the edge was getting the opportunity to interview the owner of the company, a black housewife from Atlanta named Ramona Griggie who started selling the product out of her kitchen and is now a multi-millionaire. When it comes to housewives-turned-entrepreneurs it don’t get no realer than that! I mean, she might be the original housewife of Atlanta.

So now I’m super curious to find out if this product really works or if it’s just the latest instagimmick? After all, teeth whitening made an estimated 11 billion in 2016 alone, according to statistics. Only one way to find out, I order a kit…


Review: I Tried the Mega Popular Teeth Whitener Owned By This Multi-Millionaire Mom
Express Smile Atlanta Kit

The Kit…
Like anyone who doesn’t like to pay full price if I don’t have to, I go to the instagram page and get a discount order code. With the discount, it cost me about $40. It came in the mail about 5 days after I ordered online. The kit is cute and looks simple enough. It’s got two gel syringes full of gel, two plastic molds for the upper and bottom teeth, and the infamous LED light holder that you see everyone posing with online. I try reading the instructions when I realize quickly that I HATE reading instructions! So I put on a youtube instructional video instead.


How to use it…
I brush and dry my teeth like the video says, and place the two plastic teeth trays in boiling water to make the molds. After dipping them in the hot water for a couple of seconds, I place them in my mouth to make the molds, which is way easier than it sounds. Next, I use the syringe to insert about ½ of the gel into the molds, and I place them in my mouth, making sure to wipe away any excess gel from my gums with a rag. Last, I pop the cute little LED light into my mouth, and wait.

10 minutes…
Can seem like a lifetime when you’ve got two little girls staring at you the whole time because they can’t wait to see the results! I’m wondering myself how this is going to go down because I’m feeling a slight tingle in my gums. But honestly, it’s nothing compared to the tingle-turned death-burn from getting my hair relaxed back in the day. When my time is up, I take everything out, and rinse my mouth out with water.

Review: I Tried the Mega Popular Teeth Whitener Owned By This Multi-Millionaire Mom
Before whitening (left) After whitening (right)

The results…
First, my girls think my teeth look whiter, which is a great sign. As for me, I do see a difference. Not run-up-and-down-the-street-screaming-to-my-neighbors-that-I-found-a-miracle difference, but enough for me to use it for the next 3 days, which is recommended. (Thankfully, it’s a quick and easy process) By the end of the 3rd day, I’m convinced that Atlanta Express Smile Atlanta is a winner! My girls think my teeth look really white, which makes me wonder if they were the color of the sun to begin with, and my husband notices too. In fact, he even complimented my smile, which makes me want to smile even more, and consider using the product again.

Future use…
If I do use it again, I’ll go to the instagram site to receive discount coupons on gel refills. The LED light and teeth molds can last for a year or longer.

If you plan to use an over-the-counter or online teeth whitener, do it smartly. Here’s an article that discusses the pros and cons.

Find out more about Express Smile Atlanta Teeth Whitener at their website or the instagram page. Good luck!

Would you give teeth whitening a try? Why or why not?
Review: I Tried the Mega Popular Teeth Whitener Owned By This Multi-Millionaire Mom
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