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Singer Leela James is a Naturally Glam Diva

Singer Leela James is a Naturally Glam Diva
 Leela James
By Michelby Coco Whitehead

Leela James always remains consistent for the culture. Whether she’s giving us soulful hits or wearing her natural crown and glory, both are equally amazing. We recently chatted with the former R&B Divas star to get the scoop on her hair care tips, mommy duties, and the next phase of her career. Check out our latest Naturally Glam feature with the one and only Leela James!


Singer Leela James is a Naturally Glam Diva
Leela & Tank
This has been a very busy year for you. At the top of 2018, you went on tour with Tank. How was that experience and how do you find work-life balance, being a mom?

The tour was REALLY good. It was a lot of work, but it was fun! You take it day-by-day. Everyday is something different. You can plan as much as you need to, but plans don’t always come together. You just go with the events as they come and do the best you can.

Popular YouTube vlogger Funky Dineva recently compared your vocals to Aretha Franklin’s. How does that make you feel since R&B music doesn’t get a whole lot of attention as it used to?
Honestly, it’s an honor. She’s one of the greatest to ever do it. To be mentioned in the same sentence as her is like “Wow!” It’s a compliment.

What are your feelings about reality TV? Would you do it again? 
Yeah! I absolutely would if it was the right situation for me. It is what you make it. Of course, it’s entertainment, but it’s also a reflection of who you are.

Singer Leela James is a Naturally Glam Diva

You’re one of few celebrities who has not had a PR catastrophe, or an influx of unfavorable things being said about you. How do you stay so grounded?
I just try to keep it 100 and be real. I was raised more so on “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I believe in karma, too. So, I don’t trip when people treat me bad. Karma takes care of it. If you rock on my bad side, you’ll see karma takes care of you.

Your hair has always been the epitome of #hair goals, especially in terms of growth and healthiness. Tell us about your natural hair journey.
For a long time now, like the last seven years, I’ve been natural. I didn’t do a big chop. I just wore braids while I transitioned, and it became “a look.” Although, I wasn’t trying to be trendy—I just don’t like dealing with my hair and braids worked for me.

Singer Leela James is a Naturally Glam Diva

On your natural hair journey, did you ever get frustrated with your hair and want to relax it?
Not at all. If I needed to straighten it, I’d get it pressed. Relaxer is so harsh on the hair. I had my hair colored and the addition of those chemicals always seemed like it was too much.

What are some of your favorite products?
I like a little bit of everything. But lately, I use a lot of Crème of Nature, Dr. Miracle’s, and the natural stuff like mayonnaise, carrot oil, and black castor oil.

Leela, is there anything you’d like to add or clarify at this time?
I’m working on new music coming out very soon. And I’m here!

Singer Leela James is a Naturally Glam Diva

Congratulations to Leela on her recent nuptials! Follow her on Instagram @leelajamesofficial.

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