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Tell It Tuesday: Teyana, Don’t Put Your Business in the Street if You Can’t Stand the Heat

Tell It Tuesday: Teyana, Don't Put Your Business in the Street if You Can't Stand the Heat
Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert

By Ta-ning Connai

Remember back in the days when Grandma used to say, “Don’t go putting your business out in the streets”? Well, Grandma would be surprised to find that too much information has become WAY TOO MUCH information as the line between people’s personal and private lives have virtually been removed. This isn’t just the case with regular folks, celebrities are doing it too. And in spite of having so much to lose and less to gain, they are handing us a VIP pass to stuff many of us neither want, need or deserve to know. The days of Hollywood mystique are gone and fans expect more transparency from the people they somehow have the power to make or break. But if a celebrity voluntarily spills their own beans, is it fair for them to shoot our opinions down?


Teyana Taylor is everything that’s good about the hood. If LL would’ve saved his hit Round The Way Girl for 2018, Teyana would’ve been its poster child. She’s got killer abs the world hasn’t seen since Janet Jackson showed off hers and if the Spice Girls came back urban style, she’d make a better Sporty Spice than Mel B.

Tell It Tuesday: Teyana, Don't Put Your Business in the Street if You Can't Stand the Heat

The beautiful brown bombshell had us all googly-eyed with her appearance in Kanye’s Fade. But I’ll never forget when she went thug life on Rihanna in a Twitter beef. Last week, TT had yet another online war with words, but this time with a “not so famous” woman who had something to say about the reality star’s provocative reveal. In an interview on The Angie Martinez Show, Teyana exposed some bedroom secrets…that she and her hubby, Iman Shumpert, occasionally have sex with other women…TOGETHER. And while there were thousands of virtual high fives to pair with comments like, “live your life” and “do you boo,” many people weren’t feeling her choice to do OR to tell. One comment that stood out referred to the couple as her former relationship goals and now thinks of them as tasteless. Teyana told homegirl to take her opinion, shove it and to mind her B.I.Z.

Is it fair game to get dragged on social media about stuff you should keep to yourself? Yes. All of us who have ever spent at least five minutes online knows full well that everything you say is under scrutiny and there are consequences to oversharing and millions of opportunities for you to regret all you put out there. So come on Teyana, don’t get mad, maybe keep it to yourself next time?

The comments that stuck out to me the most used the Bible to support open marriage and how it doesn’t hurt anyone. But honestly, that is far from the truth and here’s the reason why. God’s marriage blueprint was designed for two and all those stories about more were against His will. They were all recorded for history’s sake, NOT to suggest that God condoned it. God warned both King David and King Solomon about their reckless sex lives. They refused to stop, so sorrow and anguish consumed them both as a direct result.

God promised Abraham a baby boy, in spite of his being over the hill (Genesis Ch.15-21). Sarah, his wife was even older than that and she laughed hysterically at the news. Instead of Abe believing the miracle was gonna come, He gave ear to his wife’s stupid suggestion. She thought God needed help or that perhaps He got things mixed up. So, she consented for Abe to hook up with her maid Hagar, the biggest mistake ever to be made.

The day it happened, Hagar came out that room like she owned the place! Jealousy took hold of Sarah and month’s later, she had to watch her own husband with the former help and their newborn son just kickin’ it. But God kept His promise, in spite of the mess, and to Sarah Isaac was born. But the competition was on as both women warred over whose boy was considered the best. Sarah came up with an evil scheme to make her husband banish his own child and his baby mama from the land. So Abraham punked out and told them, “Y’all gotta go.” They did, never to be seen again. But you know all that fighting going on over in Israel right now? It’s because of these two half brothers! God promised both of them a legacy and land, and their descendants have been feuding ever since.

So, we can’t really say our decisions affect no one else, because, good or bad, they most certainly do. Luckily our choices won’t cause wars in far off countries, but they can certainly cause war against our mind, body and soul. Our bodies were designed for the deepest love and loyal commitment from the ONE person who has the key to unlock all the wonderful beauty and pleasure that can be released through sex, but only when experienced under God’s covering of marriage. Of course we can do whatever we want, but we can’t stop the war we may get started.

Is it fair for celebs to get mad at people for having an opinion when they put their business in the street?
Tell It Tuesday: Teyana, Don't Put Your Business in the Street if You Can't Stand the Heat
TA-NING is a former model and clothing designer who one day got the “call” to leave the fab world of fashion behind. While in Bible College, she discovered her knack for mixing her quirky style of writing with her gift to teach. TA-NING’S TELL IT TUESDAY is a weekly column that uses doses of pop culture to tear down the walls of churchy tradition, change the face of Christianity, and present it’s message in a lively way. Ta-ning resides in Santa Monica (by way of BK), is obsessed with dogs, and is an old school Hip-Hop junkie!

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