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The Real Reason It’s Important Pat McGrath’s 1 Billion Dollar Makeup Co. Surpasses Kylie’s

The Real Reason It's Important Pat McGrath's 1 Billion Dollar Makeup Co. Surpasses Kylie's
Pat McGrath & Kylie Jenner

By Erickka Sy Savané

Chances are, a lot of you have never heard the name Pat McGrath, the British-born makeup artist born to a single mother of Jamaican decent, who grew up loving makeup and got her start in the 80’s with designers John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. Since then, she’s worked just about every major fashion show in every major market, with every major photographer for every major magazine before starting her own makeup line, Pat McGrath Labs, in 2015, following her mom’s advice. Today, her line is sold at, and its stores, and will be expanding to even more stores and will soon include merch and apparel with the 60 million dollar investment deal she just secured with a New York-based investment firm. Everything said, her company has just been valued at 1 billion dollars.

Now what do we know about Kylie? 
Perhaps a better question would be, what don’t we know about Kylie, so famous that we don’t have to say her last name. We know more than we probably care to know. The youngest daughter in the infamous Kardashian-Jenner klan, whose dad is former Olympian Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn, has been making headlines since she was a teen. First by dating an older rapper by the name of Tyga who was a neighbor and father to Blac China’s son, then by getting lip injections, and who knows what other plastic surgery, to showing almost as much skin on instagram as her older sister Kim, a tactic that has rewarded her with 111 million followers, to recently having a baby with rapper Travis Scott, to perhaps her biggest achievement to date, her estimated 900 million dollar cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics, for which she earned a recent Forbes magazine cover. A few highlights from the company include selling more than $630 million worth of makeup since it was founded in 2016 and selling 19 million worth of makeup in a limited edition ‘drop’ in 24 hours. Mama owns 100 percent of the company, now estimated at 900 million. 
Now a lot has been written online in the past few days about Pat’s makeup company being worth more than Kylie’s (900 million vs. 1 billion) and while that’s great for us black women, and even for those who aren’t crazy about the Kardashian/Jenner’s, let’s be real for a minute, both ladies are doing phenomenal. It’s bigger than the extra 100 million. What we would be remiss to acknowledge about Pat’s current reign as queen of makeup empires is the fact that she’s done it without ever appearing half-naked or exploiting her private life in any way.

The Real Reason It's Important Pat McGrath's 1 Billion Dollar Makeup Co. Surpasses Kylie's
Pat McGrath 
The Real Reason It's Important Pat McGrath's 1 Billion Dollar Makeup Co. Surpasses Kylie's
Kylie Jenner

Pat has become a billion-dollar woman, like Oprah, by focusing on what she loves to do. Makeup. The product. No plastic surgery that we know of. No butt implants. No famous boyfriends. Sex tapes. Cute kids. Just makeup. Makeup. And more makeup. It’s a lesson to young girls, and also women who have come to believe that it’s more about what you can exploit than your creativity. Pat proves that it is possible to succeed beyond your wildest dreams if you put in the work. Just work your ass off (not just werk your ass), and see what can happen! 

In a press release about the merger Pat said, 

“It has always been my dream to create an iconic beauty brand that goes beyond the usual limitations, that lives outside the parameters of what is expected. I am thrilled to be working with the unique and expert team at Eurazeo Brands.”

And we are thrilled for you! Continued success to Pat and to all of us simple, hard-working folk everywhere! 
What inspires you most about Pat’s success?
The Real Reason It's Important Pat McGrath's 1 Billion Dollar Makeup Co. Surpasses Kylie's
Erickka Sy Savané is managing editor of, a wife and mom, based in Jersey, City. Her work has appeared in and more. When she’s not writing…wait, she’s always writing! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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