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Curly Nikki

8 of My Favorite Things to do in Rome (When I’m Broke AF)

8 of My Favorite Things to do in Rome (When I'm Broke AF)
Photo via Anayotothe

By Anayotothe

I had the pleasure of living in Rome for 3 months this year as an
au pair for an Italian family. It is one of the best life experiences
I’ve had (having an awesome family as hosts definitely helped!), and if
you’re young, fresh out of high school or college, and looking to travel
and experience another culture in the most authentic way possible, I
encourage you to look into becoming an au pair. During my time in Rome, I made a bunch of friends who were au pairs
from all over the world. We were all young, broke (an au pair’s wage is
seriously laughable, which is why we don’t do it for the money), and
just wanting to have fun and frolic around this exciting ancient city.
Thus, we were all incredibly thrifty and loved sharing new, cheap things
to do in Rome with each other. Thankfully, Rome is a city where it’s greatest sights are seen
outside and on foot. Besides the typical tourist destinations, these are
some of my favorite things to do in Rome on a budget.

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