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BET’s ‘Killer Curves’ Shows the Risks for a Bigger Booty

BET's 'Killer Curves' Shows the Risks for a Bigger Booty
Blac Chyna, Kloe Kardashian & K. Michelle

By Brenda Alexander

The black woman’s curvaceous booty is nothing new. We all envy that one sis in our family/friend circle for being shaped like a Coca Cola bottle: small waist, nice hips and a plump butt. But what happens when a woman desperately yearns for a shapely figure and the operating table is their top choice? BET’s documentary Killer Curves: Bodies to Die For puts that question to the test by highlighting the dangers associated with surgical enhancements to your backside.Continue

The show opened by examining the historical context of the way our butts were both celebrated and exploited through history and pop culture. Dating back to the late 1700s and early 1800s, Europeans put Sara Baartman’s booty on display and used her as entertainment for various shows and slaveholders. While on exhibit, she was forced to strip and dance while onlookers looked in amazement. Commentators used Baartmans experience as a foreshadow and contrast to current times: we were made a mockery of for our natural bodies that’s now turned into us going to extreme lengths to take our booties to bigger heights, literally and figuratively.

BET's 'Killer Curves' Shows the Risks for a Bigger Booty
Sara Baartman

Music and television documented the evolution of the black woman’s behind. We were “Doin The Butt” in the 90s, Destiny’s Child praised us in “Bootylicious,” and who can forget Sir Mix A-Lots famous “Baby Got Back?!” Things took a darker turn with some of the misogynistic lyrics in Hip Hop where our butts were the only things shown. With the inclusion of the video model/vixen, commentators attribute the fascination of perfect butts to the video chick era and in today’s world, Instagram helps none. Whereas it was known in the black community that butts were the ish, when other non-black celebs with booties (Kim K) came onto the scene, curves were now desired appropriation by the masses. Before you knew it, everyday girls black and white were taking consulting appointments for surgery.

There are three ways to surgically augment the booty. The most natural way is a Brazilian butt lift, the transfer of fat from one part of your body to your butt. Butt implants is the second option, which is an implant that voluminizes the butt through insertion above the buttocks. The most common option are injections. They are the quickest filler and can range from silicon to any type of substance. They aren’t FDA approved because of high risks: if injected improperly, an artery could be hit and cause infection, loss of limbs and even death. Because of the costs, injections are commonly done in what’s known as the black market, by underground non-licensed “pumpers.” A normal lift or implant could run upwards of $20k whereas injections are $300 per butt cheek. Women who opt out of injections and want actual surgery travel overseas for procedures, where surgeons charge one third less but are unsafe due to differing preventions. Usher Raymond’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond nearly died after getting a procedure done in Brazil.

BET's 'Killer Curves' Shows the Risks for a Bigger Booty
K. Michelle

A few celebs and influencers shared their horror stories of botched butt jobs. Singer K. Michelle had various injections, transfers and implants put in. The first doctor she went to denied her injections because she was already hefty in that area. Taking no for an answer, she went elsewhere and began a series of monthly procedures. After a few years, she began experiencing trouble sitting and standing and migraine headaches. This is common delayed side effect, with one doctor explaining that your body rejects the foreign substance in an injection which causes infection that your body tries to fight by pushing it out. She eventually began having the implants removed, causing additional complications including having to be hooked onto IVs weekly for constant fluid and even infertility.

Two other women shared their traumatic aftermaths. Both became infected, with one’s infection spreading throughout her body that resulted in her having multiple limbs amputated: both butt cheeks, hands and feet. She’s now a motivational speaker who travels to warn other young women against injections.

BET's 'Killer Curves' Shows the Risks for a Bigger Booty
Apryl Michelle Brown was left without multiple limbs after butt injections

The other’s infection was so bad after years of dozens of injections and implants that 65% of her left butt cheek produced a hole, her kidneys failed and she had emergency surgery to remove the silicone implants that doctors discovered had burst. Her surgery and hospital stay landed her with a $2 million medical bill that her insurance company denied payment. She now promotes “pump parties” where she tricks women into thinking they are coming for injections but she instead gives them an intervention.

Others have died. Latesha Bynum went brain dead after injections were shot into a major artery that traveled to her heart, liver and brain. In the years that injections have become common, 25 people have been reported in the news as dying from them while their “pumpers” receive a 5-year manslaughter sentence. The FDA recently released a national state of emergency report, warning the public to stop with injections.

Despite the widespread attention on the dangers of injections, women are still running to the nearest “pumper.” Hopefully after viewing Killer Curves and the nationwide praise the documentary has received, more awareness will be spread and women will think twice. A bigger butt can be obtained naturally ladies. Squats ain’t never hurt nobody!

Are butt enhancements worth the risks?
BET's 'Killer Curves' Shows the Risks for a Bigger Booty
Brenda is a Philadelphia native with a love for Marketing, Creative writing, wine and Jesus. Her work has been featured on Mayvenn’s Real Beautiful blog and she is the co-author of the book Christmas 364: Be Merry and Bright Beyond Christmas Night (available for purchase on amazon). Follow her on IG @trulybrenda_ and

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