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Does a Growing Obsession With Granny Panties Make You Old?

Does a Growing Obsession With Granny Panties Make You Old?

By Erickka Sy Savané

Okay, this isn’t easy to write. I’m a woman and as such, age is one of those things we hate to talk about. Whether it’s grey hair, that dreaded menopause (we hate our periods, but having them stop to enter into the world of hot flashes is just criminal), or panties. Yes, panties. It was just recently that I looked in my panty drawer and discovered not a single thong or my once-beloved boy short, but plenty of granny panties. Grannies in colors like blue, pink and white, so soft… and though there was a time I wouldn’t be caught dead in a panty so big that it covers my whole butt with ease, now I wouldn’t be caught dead without it. Obviously, a part of me is okay with this change because it was me who bought them in the first place, still, no woman wants to knowingly turn into their mother. Does this mean I’m officially old?!

When I think about what I love about my new panty choice it’s been a gradual change centered around pure comfort. In my twenties, I modeled and wearing nude-colored thongs was essential on photo shoots because nothing could show. During my off-time I wore them depending on my outfit to get rid of panty lines, but they weren’t my first choice, though I had a few friends who also modeled and wore thongs 24/7. I could never really do it because I use the bathroom too much and having this string right in my crack continuously felt like torture. But boy did I love boy shorts! They came on the scene around the time of low-rider jeans and were perfect because they fell below the waist-line, yet still felt feminine and hip. After I had my babies they stopped making sense because I was bending over all day and my crack was always showing. I also gained some weight and they stopped covering my entire bum. That’s when grannies started looking a lot more attractive…one day I saw a 5-pack for less than $10 and it sounded like a hell of a good deal. I bought one, even though at first they seemed waaaayyy too big. They fit like a glove, and I realized I LOVE cotton, and now I won’t wear anything else. But am I the only one? I mean, the girls on the package are all in their twenties?
I text a friend in her mid-20’s at the risk of sounding like a real perv, and I ask her what type of panties she wears and why? The news is not what I expected…She says,

“When I was younger, I wore regular panties (mainly the 5 for 25 from Victoria’s Secret). I never liked boy shorts because I found them uncomfortable and I was always small, they’d roll up under my clothing and it never looked good on me. Now, honestly, I opt out of wearing underwear unless my cycle is on obviously. I do this for several reasons 1. I like being free lol 2. It looks better aesthetically with your clothes (no panties lines etc) I wear a lot of dresses and skirts for work and going commando fits the style of clothing 3. I feel like panties trap my butt and alters its shape and I do a lot of squats and like to show it off in a tasteful way lol and 4. It’s just more comfortable for me. When I do wear underwear, I wear seamless thongs so that nothing shows through my clothing and it shapes everything well or I wear regular panties when I have to during that time of the month.”

Okay, so now the young ones are saying f*ck it to panties altogether? I’m feeling as old as Methuselah. With the hope of finding a kindred spirit, I text just one more friend, Ta-ning, who enthusiastically tells me to call her. She goes,

“Girl, you don’t even know. I was just on a plane and was praying that I didn’t get stopped for an inspection because my panties look horrendous. Not only do I wear granny panties, but I cut off the elastic so I can have comfort with a smooth silhouette. I want the g-string look without the g-string…I’d rather get busted with drugs than these panties!”

She went on to explain that not only is she afraid that she’s turning into her grandmother, because it was only a few short years ago that her mom had to tell her to stop wearing granny scarves outside, she also wonders what part her panties will play when she starts dating…

“Girl, I’ve been role-playing it out in my mind where I put it all on the table and tell him about my panties so he can decide right then if he wants to stay or not!”

I get it. If he’s looking for a g-string-wearing diva straight out of a music video or a Vicky Secret catalog, she ain’t the one. We both breathe a sigh of relief, thankful to not be the only ones.

In all, maybe the graduation to granny panties is really about getting older and what we’re willing to compromise. I know I could care less about a panty line today, but I still color my greys. In the end, it’s about choosing what’s best for us, no matter what age, or how old or un-hip it makes us appear.

In your panty choice about comfort, aesthetics or both? 

Does a Growing Obsession With Granny Panties Make You Old?
Erickka Sy Savané is managing editor of, a wife, mom, and freelance writer based in Jersey, City, NJ. Her work has appeared in,,, and more. When she’s not writing…wait, she’s always writing! Follow her on Twitter, Instagram or

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