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Curly Nikki

Don’t Let Your Inner Voice Run Amok: #BeHerNow

Don't Let Your Inner Voice Run Amok: #BeHerNow

Fun fact: When that little voice isn’t focused on something productive, like reading this passage, it starts reading you. It’s hella critical and the primary source of your angst and confidence issues. Listen to it the next time you’re idly scrolling IG. Notice how it compares, how it judges and berates…how it’s most attracted to the tea spilling posts and negativity. Notice how when you’re in traffic it chimes in to complain or offer advice on what you should’ve said when your colleague came for you yesterday and what you need to say if she comes for you today. Notice how 99% of the time it’s reminiscing about or regretting the past or projecting into the future (it is actually the only reality the past and future has Now). It never rests… well, it does, when you’re asleep, if it lets you fall asleep.


This inner voice, the one you hear right now in your head, reading these words, is a central part of your existence and will be with you— like your breath, and heart beat— until the day you die. Your job isn’t to get rid of it, make it more positive, or judge yourself when you notice its inherent negativity—because all of that is just more of your inner voice, trying to manipulate itself! Your job is to just start noticing it more and more. Objectively hear its commentary… stand back and listen to the constant narration it provides. The more you witness it, the more you notice the silence it’s born of. And as the silence grows louder, the more the voice is eclipsed by this inner peace, God’s voice, which was always there, simultaneously Present with the noisy inner voice.

Give this silence your attention, and as you do, notice the quiet-joy your body feels. This is Presence. You only feel fear and notice negative thoughts when you have forgotten Presence. See this. When you have Presence, you have peace and that peace becomes the added things.

This is true Self-Love, real abundance, and genuine gratitude. #BeHerNow

P.S. The inner voice/thoughts will still arise in the light of Presence, but now it’ll be about as powerful or as noticeable as ‘the moon in daylight’. -Mooji

Stay woke,


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