Berry Smith

By Erickka Sy Savané

Let’s face it. Will Smith is a clown. Always has been. If you were a fan of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air you’ll love him as King of The Gram. He makes us laugh while poking fun at himself and his family, reminding his 21.4 million instagram followers not to take life so seriously. He also drops a few gems of wisdom along the way too. Check out 5 of his greatest IG moments!

1. No One is Safe

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We all clown on family, so it’s just fun to see Will is just like us, going IN on his Cousin Ricky! Seriously tho, were the shorts too much?

2. He Knows His Way Around an App

When Will posted this photo of him and Halle Berry ‘together’ for her birthday all we could say was let’s just hope she never grows a goattee and he never grows long hair! 

3. He Overshares

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Will Smith turns even the most mundane moments into an IG party! In this viral video he’s clearly infringing upon the family’s quiet time, but what does he care? Jada was so embarrassed by the way she looked in the vid that she clapped back, posting this sexy selfie that would also go viral. They need to stop, lol.

3. He’s Vulnerable

Even uber stars like Will Smith get scared when confronted with who they could be…nice that he would let us in on his not-so-stellar moments. Kinda makes ya wonder what Mandela would have shared…but sometimes it’s just in the lesson.

5. He Passes it On

Perhaps Will learned something from his encounter with Mandela that allowed him to pass that wisdom down to Willow. When you get scared, just do it. Whatever IT is. Now go and be somebody!

What do you enjoy about Will Smith?
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