By Erickka Sy Savané

After nearly a year in the making, Napturalitsta Moji (NM) has finally launched in the App Store and Google Play!

If you remember, we did a story on this app not long ago because we couldn’t wait for its launch! Well, the wait is over…if you’re looking for a 3D Emoji Sticker app with tons of melanin’-poppin’ skin tones, plenty of natural hairstyles, and facial expressions to-die-for, Napturalista Moji has you covered. This app was made for us by us and looking at the beauty of its execution, you know it’s true.
Eugenia Okafor, the creative director of the NM team states:

“Black women/girls are too often relegated to the margins in conversations of beauty, desirability and worth. With Napturalista Moji we are bringing ‘Sistas’ to the centerfold. We’ve carved out a digital space to affirm Black Women that is free from encroachment and appropriation. In short, we’re here to give credit where credit is due. We hope you’re here for it too. ” 

We are here for it! You can download Napturalista Moji in the App Store and Google Play. Plus you can visit the website to buy Napturalista Moji-inspired merch like custom lapel pins, iron-on patches and their signature, satin-lined “Puff Caps” below!
Will you be giving this a download?