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Curly Nikki

Why It’s Good to be In Your Feelings. #BeHerNow

Why It's Good to be In Your Feelings. #BeHerNow


“The idea is to simply identify what you are feeling, and then watch that feeling to see what happens. Remarkably, all feelings have inner peace at their root. So when you quietly observe any feeling, you will soon arrive at inner peace.

If you’re experiencing a very strong emotion, then you will be overtaken by it. You only need to wait until it quiets down a bit and then innocently watch it until it finally dissolves into that quiet, always-available inner peace. If you are negative, don’t try to change what you are feeling. Let your inner peace do that for you. You just need to watch the negative feeling without trying to do anything, and miraculously, your inner peace will shine through.”

– Frank Kinslow, “Eufeeling”

I saw a talk where Eckhart Tolle recommends you say, ‘well of course I feel this way!’ whenever a ‘negative’ emotion shows up. Then, instead of resistance, there’s an allowing, a welcoming. Resist your knee jerk reaction to resist, avoid, or judge the ‘negative’ energy. Don’t even label it ‘negative.’ Just look… observe this neutral, intense energy like you’re watching a movie about someone else. Watch that energy move without giving it a story of why it’s there or why it shouldn’t be there, because it is! In that moment, it couldn’t be any other way. So accept that energy movement the way you accept your joy. This acceptance is the healing. This acceptance is the miracle you’ve been hoping for. Finally feel your emotions to #behernow
-Nikki Walton

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