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Is Jamaican Black Castor Oil Better than Pure Castor Oil?

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Is Jamaican Black Castor Oil Better than Pure Castor Oil?

In the game of castor oils, there can only be one winner. As the battle begins to grow healthy hair, choosing the right oil for you will be essential to avoid a night that is dark and full of terrors. There are so many different options that you may feel like you know nothing (Jon Snow). But in reality, picking between Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) and pure castor oil is like picking which one of the Stark siblings is your favorite. While each oil has its own personality like the Starks, the different journey it takes to go from castor bean to a bottle of oil determines the variation in color but not necessarily in the amazing benefits.


To win the game of oils, you have to understand what ricinoleic acid — the active ingredient in castor — does for the hair. If moisture and healthy hair growth is the goal, then either JBCO or pure castor oil will work for your hair. While there is no scientific proof that JBCO or any type of castor oil will make your hair follicles thicker in diameter, the anti-inflammatory fatty acids found in the oil kick-start blood circulation, which definitely help to create a healthy scalp and promote more hair growth. Applying the castor oil that is best for you is also great for thinning spots in the hair and even growing your eyebrows.

The way each of the Stark children has gone through his or her own difficult journeys to get back to Winterfell help us decide which one is our favorite. The scientific process that JBCO and pure castor oil go through before they get to our hair should help decide which one is best for you. Both of the oils come from the castor bean but they are each processed differently and that’s what gives them their names and color. JBCO is made by roasting the beans and using heat to extract the oil. This often results in ashes from the ground and burnt beans that give JBCO the color and smell we experience on local pharmacy shelves. Pure castor oil varies in color but in its cold-pressed, original form, it is pale yellow. Filtration to lower the iodine content results in a white castor oil that can also be purchased. While pure castor oil is slightly acidic, the processing of JBCO makes it more alkaline. Both oils are similar in price and availability. If the oils are hard to find where you live, Amazon has a whole range of castor products that can be shipped to you.

Because the foundational base of both JBCO and pure castor oil is the castor bean, the oil that wins will ultimately be the oil that works best for you. Now your watch begins. Because castor is heavier than other essential oils, trying out JBCO or pure castor oil and monitoring the reaction will determine who wins the game of oils. The age-old hair growth method has proven itself a go-to technique for healthy hair growth and ample hydration. Remember that when you play the game of oils, you moisturize or you learn.

There are so many healthy hair benefits from using castor oil. The benefits for hair growth are undeniable. Thinning hair is just one of the magical ways the oil can be used. It is also great for mending split ends, hair breakage, and dryness. You can also use the oil on your skin to tackle tough wrinkles. Read more here about the reasons it’s a magical product.

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