way too cold… and if you look closely you can see the cord to my traveling heating pad, waiting to warm my situation! 
Shirt: Loft
Pants: Zara
Hurr: Day 2 flat-twist out on damp hair. 

Jacket: Leather one is from Zara (a year ago)
Hoodie: Loft (this season)
Jeans: Asos 
Hurr: Day 1 flat twist-out on damp hair.  I made 7 or 8 flat twists with Ouidad’s Featherlight Styling Cream.  I let it dry fully, then took them down, fluffed and pinned to the side!  This style gives me the volume I naturally lack, and I love that I look like Prince and the whole Revolution.  My hair has gotten so long so fast… when I used to want long, healthy hair, it was a struggle, now that I don’t, it flourishes.  So funny how that works!  I  think about chopping it off every other day!  I still henna once a month (out of necessity for the gray hair takeover), but rarely get time to deep condition.  I heat style (professionally) half the year.  I’ve been rocking with the same Ouidad curl cream for more than a year now, and it got me through even the most humid summers.  To keep the definition on day 3, 4 and 5, I just leave my hair out in the shower and let the steam hit it… again, this is something I never used to do because I was such a perfectionist, wanted every curl, ‘just so’.  But this ‘don’t care attitude’, lol, the curls and definition just get doper by the day!  The key is what I do on day 1– style damp hair (75% dry) with about a nickle-size amount of curl cream for each flat twist (6-8).  

What’s the one odd item you never leave home without?!