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Curly Nikki

Way Too Cold

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Way Too Cold
way too cold… and if you look closely you can see the cord to my traveling heating pad, waiting to warm my situation! 
Shirt: Loft
Pants: Zara
Hurr: Day 2 flat-twist out on damp hair. 

Way Too Cold
Way Too Cold

Jacket: Leather one is from Zara (a year ago)
Hoodie: Loft (this season)
Jeans: Asos 
Hurr: Day 1 flat twist-out on damp hair.  I made 7 or 8 flat twists with Ouidad’s Featherlight Styling Cream.  I let it dry fully, then took them down, fluffed and pinned to the side!  This style gives me the volume I naturally lack, and I love that I look like Prince and the whole Revolution.  My hair has gotten so long so fast… when I used to want long, healthy hair, it was a struggle, now that I don’t, it flourishes.  So funny how that works!  I  think about chopping it off every other day!  I still henna once a month (out of necessity for the gray hair takeover), but rarely get time to deep condition.  I heat style (professionally) half the year.  I’ve been rocking with the same Ouidad curl cream for more than a year now, and it got me through even the most humid summers.  To keep the definition on day 3, 4 and 5, I just leave my hair out in the shower and let the steam hit it… again, this is something I never used to do because I was such a perfectionist, wanted every curl, ‘just so’.  But this ‘don’t care attitude’, lol, the curls and definition just get doper by the day!  The key is what I do on day 1– style damp hair (75% dry) with about a nickle-size amount of curl cream for each flat twist (6-8).  

What’s the one odd item you never leave home without?! 

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