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Tamela Mann Spills The Tea On How David’s Baby Mama Almost Ruined Their Relationship

By January 27th, 2021One Comment

Tamela Mann Spills The Tea On How David’s Baby Mama Almost Ruined Their Relationship

Even though many celebrities today are touting the beauty of a blended family, there is a lot of pain and healing that has to occur before everyone can pose for a happy family photo.

Gospel star Tamela Mann and her hubby, fellow singer and actor David Mann, are being candid about how David’s baby mama almost ruined their marriage in their new book.

“The book was inspired by our 30-year journey (of being married),” David told Ebony. “We’ve been saying we were going to do the book for the last five years, since our 25th anniversary. But we just felt like this was the right time.”


David continued saying, “We just thought it would be good to share our journey and how we made it even in an industry that’s known for divorce. The divorce rate in the entertainment industry is well over the standard (rate in the nation). We just wanted to share how we did it. One of the ways is, she’s my priority and I’m her priority.”

Tamela revealed that their “happily ever after” didn’t come without road bumps.

“My career took off with Kirk Franklin and (the mother) came out of the woodwork that he had a daughter,” Tamela said. “I felt like I accepted one child. I can’t accept another child.”

“I felt like I was alone. I felt like she was leaving me,” David confessed. “She was like, ‘you got this baby mama to deal with and that baby mama to deal with,’ and she was like, ‘Where do I fit in? I’m going to get lost.’ I had to let her know, ‘it’s me and you against all of this stuff. So, it’s you and me against the world.’”

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One Comment

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