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Mom Shares Email From Teacher Who Asks Her To Tone Down Daughter’s “Black Girl Magic”

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Mom Shares Email From Teacher Who Asks Her To Tone Down Daughter’s “Black Girl Magic”

A young Black student was reportedly asked to play down her self-esteem because she was making her white classmates jealous.

Last Wednesday a woman named Jacquelyn Nietzsche shared a screenshot of an email that she received from her daughter Mariah’s teacher, begging her to address Mariah about her “misbehavior.”

“First of all what the hell is wrong with my child?” Nietzsche wrote as the caption with a laughing emoji.


“I’m writing to you out of concern for an incident we had in class today with Mariah,” the email states. “During our free play time, Mariah was walking around the classroom yelling ‘I have Black girl magic’ to white female classmates.”

“While we want Maria to feel empowered this made some of the other girls cry. I hope that you would be wiling to speak with her about this,” the email continued.

Nietzche’s post now has over two-thousand likes and 7,000 shares. Comments are of course split on whether or not the teacher had any right to send such a message to a parent.

“Mariah needs to keep on with her black girl magic! Extra tissues are indeed in order for white tears!,” one person named Deborah Caston wrote.

“If white student was flaunting I have white girl magic…. it would have definitely been a different story … our community would’ve been screaming racism….we have to stop stooping to their level,” Solo Curt wrote.

“Some of you don’t know what racist means. Had she called the white children names or said her race was superior to theirs, that would be racist. Black folks feeling this is racist..,” another comment wrote.

A few even speculated on whether the post was made up for attention and likes.

If this really went down in the classroom, a brief discussion on self-esteem and empowerment would probably have went a long way.

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