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by Julia Austin via

I can’t say what triggered it, but recently my boyfriend has been on one about proposing—more specifically about the fact that he is not proposing any time soon and that I need to be okay with that.


Again, I didn’t bring up proposals. I haven’t been dropping any sorts of hints. I don’t know why he’s suddenly so certain that every time he bends down to tie his shoe I think this is the moment. I’m not thinking that. Maybe it’s because many of my best friends recently got married. Maybe it’s because several of his close friends recently had kids, which could lead him to believe I’m worried we’re far behind. I’m not thinking any of that. I’m personally not ready to get married for several more years. My man is my man who I want to spend forever with but, to me, a wedding represents a sort of celebration around several accomplishments and life milestones—several of which I haven’t yet achieved. Even though I’m not ready, my boyfriend thinks I’m waiting for him to propose and it insults me.

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