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Curly Nikki

The Power of ‘Already’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Power of 'Already'

Challenge: For the next hour (see?! baby steps… set your phone alarm), I want you on guard, ready to catch and dismiss every imposter thought that says ‘when is ______ gonna happen for me?’ or ‘where is my _____ I’ve been wanting, needing, and praying for?’, or any thought that pops into your awareness that suggests you’re not there yet, you aren’t HER yet, or it’s not yours yet.


You’ll notice two things- (1) these super-needy, imposter thoughts make up the vast majority of your inner dialogue, and (2) when you’re standing on guard , waiting to see what thoughts come through, they slow down, and you feel Go(o)d.

When you notice an imposter thought, I’d like for you to immediately feel into the truer thoughts of ‘it’s already mine’, ‘I’m already HER’, or ‘it’s already done.’ Periodt. That word ‘already’, is tremendously powerful. It instantly drops you into a state of relief… relaxation… wholeness… HAVING. That’s your natural state! That sense of relief is what you’re actually, always desiring! You’re desiring relief from ‘wanting’. And awesomely, when you exchange the tense state of ‘wanting’ for the relaxed state of ‘having’, you’re in a better position to allow the life you’ve been so desperately trying to make happen! You begin to notice more powerful thoughts, and take more effective action!

The energy of ‘wanting’ (thoughts and body tension) is like the steam on your bathroom mirror after a hot shower. It’s all that’s blocking the recognition of the Presence of your heart’s truest desire, of the energy of ‘having’. So, stand in Awareness, look into the mirror of the mind, noticing the imposter thoughts, and watch as they naturally evaporate, revealing the truer reflection, the perfection of YOU, as you always have been, before thoughts told you that you weren’t enough. #BeHerNow 

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