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Always Have Split Ends? Learn How to Stop Them, Now.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Always Have Split Ends? Learn How to Stop Them, Now.
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No matter how many times I cut my hair I always have split ends. How can I stop this?


Change your hair habits. If you are removing them from the equation and making sure you are cutting them completely off, then you are either prone to them or not changing your hair habits to rid future split ends from occurring. Here are some easy tips on keeping split ends at bay.

Lay off the heat
Direct heat appliances like flat irons or blow-dryers are really bad for hair especially for curly hair. You should be using them sparingly like a few times a year, as constant use can cause make your ends even worse. There are several techniques for straightening and drying hair without heat, so opt for those and limit heat styling to special occasions.

Hydrate and seal
These are crucial to length retention as moisture keeps dryness at bay and sealing keeps that moisture in and protects the hair. When you follow these two steps your ends will have no choice but to get in line and stay moisturized and together.

Make your hair stronger
This is the best way to reduce their occurrence. You can make sure to use products with better ingredients and use protein treatments regularly like monthly. Also just consulting with a salon you trust on products that might work better for your tresses will also be a great asset to ensuring you are getting what you need from them. Another way to get stronger hair is to eat well, stay hydrated (that goes for your hair too) and reduce stress.

Wash hair only when necessary
You do not have to wash weekly or several times during the week, because excessive shampooing can lead to dryness and you guessed it…more split ends. Use a clarifying shampoo only when needed and opt for a sulfate-free one when you do not have excessive buildup.

Since shampooing can be pretty rough on the hair, try to pre-poos as they will help to protect the hair from the friction and the surfactants that strip the hair of dirt, sweat, and natural oils your hair actually needs.

Find a great leave-in conditioner
Leave-in conditioners help to protect the hair from regular wear and tear and well as reviving the hair on that second, third, or longer days. They keep the hair hydrated and elastic so it is less prone to breakage and less likely to begin splitting. They also help with environmental factors like dry weather or the scorching sun.

Don’t put off trims
I know sometimes we do not want trims, but getting trims when necessary combats daily wear and tear on our hair. Trims when needed keep the split ends at bay and will keep them from getting worse as they will if you ignore them. I usually know it is time for my bi-annual trimming when the fairy knots start creeping up. Either put it on your calendar or look for the signs.

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