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How I Changed My Morning to Change My Life #LevelUp

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

How I Changed My Morning to Change My Life #LevelUp
from the Jerusalem files
Pop quiz, chicas! Answer the following– 
When I first woke up this morning, I _____________

a. hit the snooze button (several times) and mentally declared that I ‘can’t and won’t adult today’ … #FirstIDrinkTheCoffee #ThenIDoTheThings
b. immediately resumed worrying about ish I need to do, don’t wanna do, or did and now feel bad about doing. 
c. checked IG, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter,, my 3 email accounts and replied to any and all the I-responded-in-my-head-but-forgot-to-respond-forreal-tho text messages
d. all of the above. I can’t do mornings. 

This foolery right here.  It’ll keep you right where you’re at. 

‘Cause if your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day,  then kicking things off the same way (with negative or low energy), day in and day out, and expecting different outcomes is the definition of insanity.  #EinsteinTho
Every morning you get a do-over.  You get the opportunity to begin again with fresh energy and a new perspective to set you on a path to a happy and productive day… which sets you on the path to a happy and productive life!
Remember, you don’t become what you want.  You become who and what you are.  So how does ‘You, version 2.0’ think? How does she feel? How does she respond to (or not respond to) situations? Or to make it real easy-like, how does ‘You, version 2.0’ start her day?  She definitely doesn’t wake up annoyed, frustrated and uninspired. 

Below, I’ve included a list of some simple morning rituals you should try in place of the phone checking and #WoeRunning.  Adopting just one can have a huge impact on your life! 

-Wake up 30 minutes earlier- to pray, meditate, say affirmations or use the extra time to do any of the below– 

-Theme Song- If you must set an alarm to scare you awake, let the ‘noise’ be great… like ‘Lift Off’ #WatchTheThrone 

-Give thanks- Instead of allowing your mind to wander to the dark side, focus on gratitude– give thanks for all that you have (the seen and the unseen).  You are loved and blessed beyond measure, you just forget sometimes. (I do this every night before falling asleep.) 

-Pre-party- I vividly remember the moment I got the call from my publisher that ‘Better Than Good Hair’ had become a best seller. #Major  There was a surge of energy and the next thing I know I was all–

How I Changed My Morning to Change My Life #LevelUp

Try this (you will feel silly)– set your phone timer for 1 minute, close the bathroom door for privacy, and jump up and down while mentally yelling, ‘yes’! It gets your energy up and your heart rate, too!  “Yes!” is something we yell or say under our breath when life is going our way– so say it now, prematurely, feel that “yes” resonate through your body, feel the energy, and watch those ‘yes!’ moments come rolling in.   #DontBelieveMe #JustWatch

-Smile– Just like saying, ‘yes!’, smiling for one minute will shift you into a positive mood and reduce stress.  Every time you remember, crack a smile and pretty soon, life will be serving up more things for you to smile about.  

-Move your body- I do a 4 minute sun salutation routine on my Yoga Studio app as soon as my feet hit the floor.   Gia does it with me.  We have it memorized and now she yells out the poses before we do them! 

-Drink all the water- I try to drink a half a liter of room temperature water as soon as I wake up, before I eat anything.  It flushes your body of toxins, increases metabolism and makes you feel good about yourself 😉  Plus, if I drink the other half liter before 5pm, I can have a glass of Riesling.  

Start the day off right, y’all.  Change your morning to change your life.  Results are immediate. 
Later Gators, 

What does your morning routine consist of?
  Do you need to make some changes? Can you start tomorrow?

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