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8 Practices for Healthier, Longer Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
8 Practices for Healthier, Longer Natural Hair

by Michelle Thames of

Are you seeking longer healthier hair? When I first went natural I will admit I wanted my hair to grow super long like the girls I saw on YouTube. As I got farther into my journey I realized what I really wanted was healthy hair. I like my hair long, but its nothing if it’s not healthy. Over the years I have developed a healthy hair regimen and began sticking to it religiously. I have compiled a list of some practices that I use to achieve healthy long hair.

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No matter how many times I say it, this is the #1 key to my natural hair journey. Please know that your hair wont grow overnight, if its damaged it wont repair overnight. It all takes time. In order to achieve healthy hair you will need to have patience and take care of your hair. Create a regimen, find the products that work best for your hair and stick with it!

Get Regular Trims
For me this is 2-3 times a year. My advice is to consult with your hair stylist. Don’t over do it with the trimming if you want to retain length (unless your hair is severely damaged and your ends need to be trimmed more often than most).

Deep Condition Regularly
By this I mean deep condition every time you wash your hair. I didn’t start off doing this, but I have seen major growth and strength in my hair by being consistent with deep conditioning. You also want to avoid putting conditioner on your scalp as it will cause buildup and flakes. I always use heat when deep conditioning. You will get the most out of your deep conditioner by doing so and it will help the conditioner penetrate your hair.

Use a T-Shirt when Drying Your hair
Using a cotton T- shirt or microfiber towel will help with breakage. You want to have less breakage as possible. I have learned that towels are not my friend when it comes to drying my hair!

Sleep With A Satin Bonnet/Pillowcase
I say this all the time… NO COTTON pillowcases come in contact with my strands! Even my 1-year-old sleeps with satin bonnet! I’m not playing no games over here LOL! No seriously a satin bonnet or pillowcase is key to maintaining healthy hair. Cotton pillowcases causes friction and breakage while you sleep. I know it may not be the cutest, but hey its all for the health of your hair :)

Use Less Heat Tools
By heat tools, I mean blow drying and flat ironing. I know this can be hard but avoid this as much as you can. If you want stretched styles try the banding method or braids to stretch your hair.

Take A Multivitamin
I never was a huge vitamin taker. Over the years I have learned that it’s not only healthy for my body but for my hair as well. I make sure I incorporate a vitamin in my diet to help my health from within for my body as well as my hair.

Drink Water

Yeah, I am not the biggest water drinker, in fact I hate the way water tastes. But I will tell you this, water is good for your health and the health of your hair. When I drink more water I notice a major difference in the health of my hair. Its more moisturized and it looks and feels better. I always say water on and water in!

What are your practices for long healthy hair?

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