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I Stay Trimming My Hair But My Ends Keep Splitting and Breaking…

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
I Stay Trimming My Hair But My Ends Keep Splitting and Breaking...
Ariane of

Does it seem like you can never get rid of your split end problem? Well, part of this because to an extent you never really will. Let me explain.

No matter how gentle you are with your hair, your hair will always experience some degree of damage. This comes from simply washing your hair, combing it and all of the regular things you must do to maintain it.

Which means your hair will never be completely free of split ends. This is why trimming is important to keep them from getting out of hand. Split ends make your hair look thin and also contribute to breakage because your hair will tangle more easily.

While you will always have some split ends to dust off every 3 to 4 months or so, you can take steps so that the damage to your ends isn’t severe and you end up having to cut off more hair than you want to. Here are some reasons why your ends always seem to be unhealthy:

#1 You are not giving your ends enough love

When you apply your moisturizers and sealants focus on your ends. They are the oldest and most weakest portion of your hair, so it is important that they get the most hydration. When conditioning also make sure you give your ends complete coverage.

#2 Wear more protective styles (buns, french braids, tuck n roll styles)

The more the ends of your hair are exposed the more weathering they will experience from the environment.

#3 Always cut your hair with scissors made for cutting ONLY hair

If you use dull scissors when you do trims on your own, you will make your split end problem worse. Use quality hair cutting scissors and only use this scissors for cutting your hair.

#4 Make an effort to be very gentle with your hair

Work with your hair in sections and always take time to properly detangle your hair. Although it may be time consuming, it is important that you aren’t rough with your hair because this will cause damage it, which likely will result in split ends.

#5 Don’t wait too long to trim your hair

A good range to trim your hair is every 3 to 4 months. Waiting too long will result in more hair that will need to be cut off.

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