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Moringa Oil for Stronger, Longer Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Moringa Oil for Stronger, Longer Natural Hair
by Michelle Thames of

Have you heard of Moringa Oil? I know you are probably thinking, ‘Not another oil! How many can there be?!’ Well let me tell you about Moringa and how she has helped my dry scalp and hair. Moringa oil is a powerful oil that has amazing benefits not only for your hair but for your skin too– a two in one combo, and I’m here for it! Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of Moringa oleifera, also known as the Drumstick tree which is found in Africa. Moringa oil is also known as Ben Oil, or Behen Oil. Here are some amazing benefits of Moringa Oil:


Helps Promote Hair Growth

Moringa oil is high in many vitamins and minerals such as calcium, and Vitaman C. Moringa oil helps improve the appearance of your hair making it stronger, shiny and healthy. Moringa oil contains high contents of vitamin A, zinc, vitamin E, B vitamins and silica which is known to promote natural hair growth.

Conditions Hair

Moringa oil is also considered a powerful hair conditioner. It works well when used as a hot oil treatment. When used as a hot oil treatment, it leaves your hair soft with restored elasticity and the ability to retain moisture. I was able to comb through my hair with ease after using this for my hot oil treatment! Works wonders I tell you! You can also use this oil on your skin to help with dry, flaky skin too!

Helps Dry Scalp

Moringa oil also helps with dandruff. Raise your hand if you suffer from dandruff *slowly raises hand*. Well this oil can help with that. Moringa oil is absorbed quickly into your scalp and helps your scalp feel less itchy and dry. I know I have dandruff really bad sometimes, and after using this oil it was almost extinct! My scalp was definitely less irritated after just one use.

Have you heard of Moringa Oil? Would you give it a try?

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