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By January 27th, 2021No Comments

It’s time for a natural black skin care movement. A revolution that focuses on the health, hydration and treatment of uneven skin tone for black skin using all-natural products.


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The natural hair movement has taken America by storm for almost two decades. During this time, we’ve seen celebrities, media personalities, and corporate professionals proudly wear their natural locs despite its slow acceptance.

And the movement continues to broaden as it redefines beauty’s true meaning.

With the many definitions of what “natural” really means, we often throw shade at those who dare put silicones, parabens or even dyes in their hair.

Yet we seem oblivious to the many toxic ingredients found in our favorite make-up and skin care products.

In fact, we proudly create vlogs demonstrating how to apply these chemical-laden products on our face in an effort to “enhance” our natural beauty.

If the movement is to be natural–free from chemicals that alter our God-given appearance–should it not include the skin that resides just below our hairline?

Maybe it’s because we feel our skin is almost invincible–you know, “Black don’t crack.” Yes, our skin ages beautifully, giving us, perhaps, a false sense of security in those chemical-laden products we habitually apply.

We seem to have forgotten that many commercial products, including face washes, make-up and moisturizers, contain cancer-causing toxins. In fact, one study conducted at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, found that 99% of study participants with breast cancer had an accumulation of parabens in their tumors.

Instead, we’re seeing more and more YouTubers demonstrating how to apply commercial brand concealer, foundation and powder to hide their flaws, and an increased number of Black women choosing to use Botox to hide their wrinkles.

And if we continue avoiding sunscreen, lathering on chemicals and hiding the symptoms under layers of makeup, we’ll soon discover that Black does indeed eventually crack.

What we need is a natural skincare movement–a revolution in skin care that returns us to our roots, using products derived directly from nature.

I’ve named this revolution Black Beauty or B-Beauty.


We’ve heard of Japanese (J-Beauty) and Korean (K-Beauty) skincare routines and products. We’ve seen the rise in their popularity worldwide. Yet these routines, though very effective, are not always all-natural and they focus on a preferred lack of pigment.

B-Beauty focuses on the health, hydration and treatment of uneven skin tone for black skin using all-natural products. These natural skin care regimens include natural remedies passed down from generation to generation, many originating from the Motherland.

The goal of the B-Beauty skin care routine is to naturally restore the skin’s youthful glow, and a smooth, even complexion.

The B-Beauty skin care regimen answers questions like:
-What is a good skin care routine for acne?
-What removes blemishes from African-American skin?
-How can I get black flawless skin?
-How can I get healthy black skin?
-What are the best home remedies for black skin care?

By following the B-Beauty skin care routine, you can fade acne scars, lighten dark marks, and restore your skin’s youthful glow. Not only will you be making a statement in support of being completely all-natural, you’ll save your skin from harsh toxins, leaving you with healthy, silky, gorgeous skin.

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