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Moisture to the Max! 3 Routines for Seriously Hydrated Hair​.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Moisture to the Max! 3 Routines for Seriously Hydrated Hair​.
by Tiffani Greenaway of

As the seasons change, so does our hair. Drier air and bitter winds can wreak havoc on our fragile strands, leaving curls dull, limp, and dry.

You’ve tried gels, conditioners, and almost everything on the beauty supply shelves, but nothing seems to work. Three different methods promise shinier, bouncier, moisture rich hair–but which is right for you?

Best for type 4 hair, many naturals try the L.O.C. Method, which promises days of moisturized curls. Liquid, oil, and cream are applied in order to drench dry strands. The oil and cream create a layer that locks in water and keeps it from being evaporated. After washing, apply a water based leave in conditioner. Next, add a hydrating oil like jojoba, olive, or coconut. Finish up with a moisture rich cream, and you’ll have shiny, succulent curls.

The Curly Girl or “No Poo” Method was developed by Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel in Curly Girl: The Handbook. By cutting out shampoo, the Curly Girl Method brings healthy, supple curls. Eliminating shampoo cuts the amount of cones (silicones) and sulfates in your hair, leaving it healthier and with less buildup. Co-wash with a dime sized amount of conditioner, rinse, detangle, and blot dry. Scrunch gel from the ends of hair towards the scalp, and air dry or use a diffuser. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove excess buildup.

The Max Hydration Method is the most intense, with a day and night regimen. The 5 step system is ideal for low porosity and 4C hair, and is great for helping to define curls. For seven days (and nights!), you’ll infuse moisture into your strands so that it never gets dry or crunchy. Clarify with a mix of baking soda and water or an apple cider vinegar rinse. Co-wash, finger detangle, and deep condition or steam, apply a clay rinse and let it sit for 15 minutes, then apply leave in conditioner, and seal with gel. By day 7, your curls will be lustrous and defined.

Which method have you tried?

Moisture to the Max! 3 Routines for Seriously Hydrated Hair​.
Tiffani Greenway is the wife and mom behind MyMommyVents, a New York city parenting blog. Her tips have been seen on Yahoo Parenting, Mommy Noire, and Fit Pregnancy. Find more of Tiffani’s work at

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