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Use THIS to Naturally Darken Your Hair!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Use THIS to Naturally Darken Your Hair!
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That’s right. The safest alternative for beautiful dark hair color might just be on your shelf in your pantry, and if you guessed coffee or tea, you are absolutely right! After all, who hasn’t heard of those stubborn coffee and tea stains that are extremely difficult to remove from teeth? Well, it turns out that these two items provide a great alternative to hair color that is often extremely damaging to hair and also full of dangerous chemicals.


But what is it exactly that gives coffee and tea their staining power? Well, for one thing, coffee contains chromogens, strongly pigmented compounds that easily adhere to porous surfaces.
Tea, on the other hand, contains tannins – plant compounds that make it easy for deposited color to cling to the surface of the hair.

So how can you take advantage of the coloring power of coffee and tea?

To color hair with coffee,

Simply add instant coffee to leave in conditioner and stir together until all the coffee crystals have dissolved. Then apply the mixture to the hair, and allow it to sit on your hair for one hour. Then simply rinse thoroughly, but do not wash (shampoo), your hair. Then just proceed with your usual staying routine.

For Tea,

Make a strong brew of tea (3-5 bags per 2 cups of water), and once the mixture has completely cooled, apply it as a rinse to the hair. Again, allow it to remain on the hair for at least one hour, then rinse the hair with cool water to seal the cuticle and retain the deposit of color. Additionally, if you are trying to color gray hair, be sure to add some sage to your tea blend for extra darkening power.

On the flip side…

For light colored hair, try using chamomile tea. Over time, it can produce golden highlights and is a great way to naturally enhance lighter locks.

Keep your options open and be willing to try something new. An amazing new hair color may just be at your fingertips!

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