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Why You Should Protective Style More Often!

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
Why You Should Protective Style More Often!
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by Ariane of

Many have asked the question, how can you enjoy your hair if it’s always tied up in protective styles. My response: because it makes life easier. Protective styling is constantly encouraged, especially among type 4 natural with coily hair types because it has the benefit of helping you retain length, but it also comes with more advantages:


Less Tangles
When your hair is worn out, tangles come easy. With protective styles you may still get them, but they aren’t even close to being nearly as bad.

While wearing your natural hair out, you may at times be surprised what you end up waking up to in the morning. On the other hand if your hair is protectively styled, morning hair may require a simple spritz for moisture, a few minor fixes and then out the door you go.

More Time Savings
Protective styles are low maintenance. Very little work is needed to keep them looking good. In most cases you are simply required to moisturize as needed and wrap your hair at night.

Better Moisture Retention
Hair that is worn out will have to be moisturized more frequently than hair that is twisted or braided up. In warmer temperatures with humidity this may not be as big of an issue because moisture is in the air, but when it’s a cold dry climate forget it.

Breakage Prevention
Protective styling will no doubt improve the health of your ends and improve the amount of breakage you experience. If you find that you are one of those people who are constantly getting really bad split ends, it is time to consider protective styling more.

Give your hair and yourself a break.
There’s nothing wrong with wearing your hair out and enjoying your curls. However, you should balance your routine out by implementing some protective styling into your regimen. Trust me, you will feel relief that your hair routine doesn’t have to be so high maintenance.

One Comment

  • Amy Santiago says:

    My Hair is so frizzy that I can't even style it. I will try the protective hairstyles with my curly wavy hair and I hope It will look stylish as well

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