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Introducing the Reflect Beauty Awards: A Celebration of Diverse Beauty

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
Introducing the Reflect Beauty Awards: A Celebration of Diverse Beauty
By Sheila Marmon and Nikki Walton of

#RepresentationInBeautyMatters and we all deserve an equal opportunity to not only embrace and find confidence in the hair and skin we’re in, but to see ourselves reflected in popular media. And while we’ve witnessed an explosion in available makeup shades, and products for a variety of hair textures and skin needs, there’s still work to be done, progress to be made, and real, lasting beauty inclusivity to be achieved.  Change is not an option here, it’s a necessity– for our quality of life, and for the benefit of the world.

A Seat at the Table
They say the most effective way for a woman of color to affect change, is to not just secure a seat at the table, but to build her own table! And the inaugural Reflect Beauty Awards is such a table– built for us, by us, to achieve real, lasting beauty equity worldwide. We are a force: unapologetically showing up as our authentic selves, drinking our water, eating healthy, not skipping leg day, reading our books, and loving ourselves. We are making the shift from being part of a collective beauty standard to realizing that we are our own beauty standard. We are YOU. And the Reflect Beauty Awards is our table, so pull up a chair!


The Reflect Beauty Awards
During the next 4 weeks, we’ll be honoring the very best in makeup, hair, and skin products catering to the diversity of pigments, textures, and tones that accurately reflect our inner & outer beauty.  We’re celebrating the brands that celebrate us!

Our Reflect Beauty influencers and editors will be tackling our biggest beauty-related issues and discussing the most effective solutions and winning products to get the job done.  The best part— our influencers are choosing and sharing only the products THEY love! This is not a drill! This is not a pay-to-play situation. This is an educational tool, a platform for each of us to learn, and share our experiences, frustrations, and triumphs of being our naturally gorgeous selves!

In addition to having some of the biggest voices in beauty joining the conversation, like Jessica Pettway, Leslie Alvarado, and Sandy Lin, and top publishers on board like HypeHair, and 50 Shades of Snail driving the message, partner brands like Clinique and UOMA, are collectively helping to pave the road to inclusive beauty for all!

Stay Tuned!
We’ve planned a fun, fabulous and educational month for you, and we truly hope you’ll join us.  Please stay tuned for plenty of amazing tutorials, wholly relevant articles, weekly beauty box giveaways, and even a few special guests! First up, Makeup Week!  #RepresentationInBeautyMatters #PullUpAChair #ReflectBeautyAwards

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