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Curly Nikki

#NikPics from Last Week- Reflect Beauty Awards Finale Party

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
#NikPics from Last Week- Reflect Beauty Awards Finale Party

Congratulations to #GirlBoss Sheila Marmon (above in the pink hotness) of MirrorDigital, and the whole entire Reflect Beauty tribe for putting on 4 weeks of necessary and uplifting multicultural beauty content, and for throwing one helluva finale party… and after-after party! It’s only up from here! #ReflectBeautyAwards

Continue for more pics!

In #unicornnews : Bianca Lawson graced us with her light-filled presence, serving lewks, dropping gems, and just generally being awesome. Thank you for coming out to support us!

Hair: Meeeee, of course
Makeup: @andreaxzamora
Shirt: The Yvette from
Shoes and Pants: Oldies but goodies!

#NikPics from Last Week- Reflect Beauty Awards Finale Party
#NikPics from Last Week- Reflect Beauty Awards Finale Party
#NikPics from Last Week- Reflect Beauty Awards Finale Party
#NikPics from Last Week- Reflect Beauty Awards Finale Party

Please head over to to check out all things Black and Brown beauty (!!!!!) and follow us on IG @_reflectbeauty_ !


One Comment

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