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Curly Nikki

Things I’ve Learned from Living on the Beach Pt.1

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Things I've Learned from Living on the Beach Pt.1
lippie, argan oilspf, JOY… Dassssit. 

Sun. Surf. Self-Love.  It’s been 6 months since I landed on Clearwater Beach and in addition to realizing that this is, in fact, my natural habitat, I’ve also learned:


How to Hat
Things I've Learned from Living on the Beach Pt.1

The occasional beanie, my extra-ass cape coat (I actually just re-purchased for my upcoming trip to STL), the hooded DRAMA served in Jerusalem– that about sums up my head-gear situation.  But look. Since moving to Florida?  I have NO clue what to do with my hair, so hats have become a whole way of life.

My time and sanity-saving bobbed blow-outs? Nope. Fro-outs.

Trusty twist-outs?  Frizz-outs.

Roller-sets? Whole messes.

Which is why 99% of the time you can find me under the mysterious-magnificence pictured above, or serving Ms. Jackson Rhythm Nation like the pic up top, or in a forgiving and kinda-chic side swoop, like this.  Das it.

I’m still #TeamEdges so I’m mindful of making sure my hats aren’t too tight, and that they don’t snag my hair.  I also switch it up as often as possible… I never bun or pony-tail in the same spot for long, I switch up hat styles and placement, and try to rock ‘out-styles’ whenever possible.  I’m using Ouidad’s Anti-Humidity Gel with a little luck (for my flat twist-outs), and rock raw shea butter on all my slickbacks– nothing else holds once I hit the balconies (x3!!!) or the front door.

The hats are doing double-duty, too.  The sun is a beast and since I’m on the beach, meditating, or walking at least once a day, I’ve been serious about protecting my fresh 🙂  In addition to a hat and shades, I religiously rock sunscreen (UNSEEN by Supergoop— no residue, greasiness, or white cast, EVER), and do my best to stay indoors between 10 and 2.

I’ll be sharing other teachable moments (and favorite things), soon!

Love you guys!

What’s your go-to solution for cute hair in high humidity situations? 

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