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Curly Nikki

This is Liquid Gold for My Hair and Skin

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
This is Liquid Gold for My Hair and Skin
I 100% know that my glow radiates from within, but I do appreciate a product that gives me all the honey-dipped melanin lewks and feels :) 

So I sat down to write you a whole article about the glories of Argan oil and why it should be a star player in your skincare game, no cap, no ad, just personal experience, and then I remembered this little diddy I wrote from 2011.  So yeah, read that, and then know that I’ve been adding drops to my morning facial moisturizer, to my nightly face serums, and to the palms of my hands after emulsifying a bit of raw shea butter before smoothing throughout my curls and laying down my edges.  It’s how I prep my hair to go under hats, so that my bun or pony is nourished, shiny, and has some texture.  That was me at about 11am today, basking in the glory of my bedroom window before heading out to bask some more… but not before promptly bunning, putting on a lippie, and throwing on my big ass hat!  I ended up grabbing lunch and sitting under a palm tree re-reading Joel Goldsmith’s 1955 Letters.  You should too. 

This is Liquid Gold for My Hair and Skin
At any rate, Argan oil contains lots of goodies like vitamin e, fatty acids, and antioxidants to prevent sun damage and premature aging, while clearing up dark spots and reducing the appearance of fine lines.  I’ve used it many ways, even for oil cleansing (I’d rather just grab a neutrogena wipe, tho), but braiding or twisting my dry hair with it + mixing it into my face moisturizer of the moment, is really where it shines. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on my skin tone, specifically. I glow, but not in a shiny, tacky way.  In a radiant, effortless kinda way.   
By the bye– back in 2011 Argan Oil must have been way harder to produce and find, because much of the article was about the high price point.  But since revisiting, I’ve been using SheaMoisture’s highly accessible and inexpensive one (I like their method of delivery, too- little pump bottle) with great results.  If you too jumped on the bandwagon at the turn of the decade and fell off, maybe you should get back on! 
Much love, 
Do you use Argan oil in your hair or skin reggie? Tell me ’bout it! 

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