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Curly Nikki

With Ice.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
With Ice.
Mommy and me

Hola chica,

2019 has been a year of many firsts for me.  For instance, this was my first Halloween, ever, NOT needing a jacket or any form of outerwear to shield my chronically anemic self from the cold.  It was 80 whole degrees last night here in Clearwater Beach, FL, and for that, I am thankful.


With Ice.
Ordered this dope hat from some obscure online China-based shop back in September (random purchase from an ad on some site) for like 10 bucks.  As the weeks flew by, I had pretty much concluded that it wasn’t going to arrive before Halloween.  Yesterday around 5pm, I went downstairs to check the mail to see if Sephora had delivered my lipstick only to find that (1) they hadn’t, but (2) there was an unmarked package waiting for me.  With no expectation, I tore into it and was overjoyed that in the 11th hour, like seriously 30 minutes before we were to set out on foot to Trick-or-Treat, I had my hat (and my mom’s!). 

With Ice.
This was the night before Halloween onboard the pirate ship.  I had one spider man and one Uma.  The other day, Max was persistently and quite rudely demanding water.  I asked, ‘what’s the magic word?’ To which he replied, ‘with ice’.  Beast. 

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