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Curly Nikki

How do you identify? As Ego or Soul?

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How do you identify? As Ego or Soul?

#ProTip : Stop trying to figure out how to love yourself. You can’t. And start noticing and living out from the place inside that already IS Love. Find IT, feel IT.


The person, your ego, is incapable of unconditional love, even for itself. That’s why you’ve been trying so hard, with little to show for it.

Ego = self hate
Soul= self love

So it’s really a quick, moment-to-moment shift in identification. Throughout the day, continuously check-in with yourself to see which you’re being (ego or Soul)— you can tell by the way you feel. Ego feels like anxiety, contraction, tense shoulders, baited breath, and racing thoughts. While Soul feels like Go(o)d vibes, security, clarity, peace, and Love… periodt. Not in Love with anything or anyone in particular, just radiating IT, effortlessly, always. Be the Soul to #BeHerNow

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