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Curly Nikki

When You Heal Yourself You Heal The World

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
When You Heal Yourself You Heal The World
image source: @jheneaiko

When we were taught to ‘love our neighbor as ourself’, it largely went in one ear and out the other. At best, we’ve failed trying to live up to it… because it’s ‘me’… my life, my body, my circumstances that feels most important. But where does that feeling come from? This feeling of ‘primary-ness’… of all-importance?

This familiar but commonly overlooked sense of aliveness in the body, the way you know you exist, isn’t personal. It isn’t evidence of you, the individual. It is LOVE… GOD announcing itself. That’s why it feels important! Cause it is. It’s just not ‘yours’! It is the great ‘I Am’. And then we feel It and say, ‘I am Nikki’, or ‘I am Lisa.’ But the I Am is… It was, and always will be, the formless manifesting in and as every form.


It’s universal. And when you’re consciously aware of It, you look out at the world from It, and instantly *feel* the Kingdom (as Love, seemingly radiating from your heart area). Where you saw people and the world before, you now *feel* heaven. That’s the healing. This is loving your neighbor as yourself. You no longer see ‘others’… just God appearing as neighbor, friend, teacher, Bae, boss… And it’s a moment to moment choice— to rightly identify as soul, not ego… as Presence, not a person. To approach life from Christhood, not humanhood. Choose wisely. I love you!

“You are Love itself… in seeking you discover that you are neither the body nor mind, and the love of the Self in you is for the Self in all. The two are one. The Consciousness in you and the Consciousness in me, apparently two, really one.”- Nisargadatta Maharaj

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