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“Feel, Feel, and Feel Some More”: Book Club Review Week 2

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
“Feel, Feel, and Feel Some More”: Book Club Review Week 2
by Akilah Peynado of
“Hold onto the reins of love and nothing else. Hold on to the real behind the false and don’t be afraid.” – Rumi

Honestly, in regards to a review, the above quote sums up week 2 of the meditation/book club for me. If you haven’t had the chance to read my review about week 1, please dive in here.

We Began With The Silence…

Nikki invited us into a meditation on love. While our eyes were closed we were told to feel His presence and to feel the Christ within. To truly embrace the substance that love resides in, is almost like feeling a vibration. It is the “silence”. This is something that we can feel in the midst of the noise…beyond the thoughts and it is always there. “God is closer than your breathing.” I became committed to this concept during the remainder of the meditation. I can admit I struggle with the thoughts that filter in and out of my consciousness when I meditate. Sometimes (most of the time) I follow those thoughts down the proverbial rabbit hole. Before you know it, I am in a tizzy between the “What ifs” and my personal favorite, “Shoulda, woulda and couldas”. Even with the thought intrusion, God is there. The love is there. The Christ is there. This is the truth of the matter. I LOVE that. Like with anything, daily continual practice of this concept is key.

“The Illumined walk by faith without fear by Grace.”- Joel.

Chapter 2 explains how we should look at everyone through the eyes of love. Yes, every person that you encounter should be realized as the presence of God. This is a deliberate effort as we are living with the illusion of being separate and apart from our Oneness. Duality is a hypnosis. When we “feel the love” at all times we will be able to recognize it in others.

“Prayer is the recognition that God is always there.” -Nikki

Chapter 3 discussed The Christ. Joel talked about how when we let God unfold in us we allow God to reveal himself to us. This is the awareness of The Christ, The Comforter. This is the moment when we will understand the true concept of prayer. Recognition of this awareness allows for true communion with God. Instead of feeling like we need to go to God for something simply out of desire or fear; we know that this Consciousness is always there waiting and available. How awesome is that?! “All of this Go(o)dness has been here the whole time.”

Nikki closed us out with homework for our next session. Yes we have assignments.

Please know that I am only giving out a smidge of the dopeness that is happening Mondays at 6:30pm EST/ 5:30pm CST on Zoom with Nikki. If you want to know more, come on over. Nothing changes unless you make the choice to change. Choose wisely.

With Love and the Spirit of Gratitude…

“Feel, Feel, and Feel Some More”: Book Club Review Week 2

Akilah Peynado is an Intuitive Guide who runs Slaytheclutter where she discusses all things about the practice of Intentional Gratitude, healing through the contemplation of God and living a clutter free life- with love. You can find her on IG: @akilahpeynado and on her website

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