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How I Stood my Ground… This Week and Beyond!

By January 28th, 2021No Comments
How I Stood my Ground... This Week and Beyond!

by Akilah Peynado of

I like to take a very rounded approach to life; but this did not come easily. I used to think and believe that in order for me to be a spiritual person, I had to be extremely pious, “set-apart”, sullen and you can add whatever adjective you think is necessary for consider yourself as someone who is given to the things of God. After much growth, and many trials, and lessons, I learned that I can be exactly who I am authentically and still be a lover of things pertaining to the soul. With that said, please know that this place I am in right now in my life is not maintained by only my pretty looks (I am very beautiful just in case you didn’t know!); but by a series of consistent efforts on a regular basis.


Here are two crucial components of my daily practice; remember I have to keep this short, LOL!

Intentional Gratitude: This single handedly changed who I was and catapulted me into who I am today. At first, I was literally giving thanks for everything in front of me. I mean EVERYTHING. However, I have since evolved from this way of practice as I was feverishly writing 3 things everyday out of ritual. Do not get me wrong if you follow me on ​Instagram​, you will see me post my list of 3 things, everyday, in my stories!  Now, I do this as a way to hold me accountable to what I believe and preach. I have learned over the years that the practice of intentional gratitude is not about things or even people; it’s spiritual and inward. More than anything, it is about grace. Even as I write this, I can feel it.

Laughter: In the car earlier this week, I laughed so hard that I had to pull my car off the highway onto a side street. I was laughing so hard that tears formed and blurred my vision. It was a belly aching, thigh slapping, choking type of laugh… and you know what? I needed it. It brought me back into the present. I believe that no matter how tough or hard life might get we should be able to still enjoy the “lighter” side of things. This is just one way we maintain our power.

Some days are better than others of course. However, for the most part, I keep it “tight and right” with the above listed things and some others that I will mention at another time.

With Love and the Spirit of Gratitude,

How I Stood my Ground... This Week and Beyond!
Akilah Peynado is an Intuitive Guide who runs Slaytheclutter where she discusses all things about the practice of Intentional Gratitude, healing through the contemplation of Go and living a clutter free life- with love. You can find her on IG: @akilahpeynado and on her website

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