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Curly Nikki

“Light that Feels like Love…”

By January 28th, 2021No Comments
“Light that Feels like Love...”
by Akilah Peynado of

Mondays are the happening thing with Nikki Walton in her meditation/book club Zoom group at 6:30pm. However, what I love the most about this group is that you can alway catch the replays if you are unable to attend the live recording. In order to enjoy some of this heat, you have to join her mailing list. GET YOUR LIFE and click ​here​ for all of the G(o)odness. 

There is no way I could in any way, shape, or form, be able to quantify my experience in this group. I am trying to listen, indulge and take notes all at the same time… and this can get difficult for me, as I USUALLY get stuck on some of the things she says, and man, it just drags me internally. Yes, it is that real for me. Furthermore, if you don’t know, let me inform you again: I do not play around with my Joel Goldsmith. His book, ​“The Infinite Way” ​is completely life changing if you allow it.

You know what? Why don’t you try him out for yourself. Start with this video: ​“I Am Appears As Form”.​ Please keep in mind that these recordings are not high definition and could possibly sound a little grainy (they were recorded in the 1950s and 60s); but with an open mind, and most of all an open Spirit, the words and ideas he is imparting are as clear as crystal.

Presence with No Form

“Light that feels like Love…” Yes, this was my “whew” moment from last week’s group. I literally said to myself, “that is what it is, yup that is exactly what it feels like”! Walk with me for a second, imagine being in physical darkness for a long time and then you finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Can you imagine the excitement? The joy? Or even the peace? That is what this “Presence” feels like in my life. Another way I can explain this “Presence” is by imaging how wherever “light” is being reflected, it is very much brighter and warmer there. 

Do you feel it yet?

Even now I know it (The Presence) is always there. I imagine the warmth. Nikki used the example of how we know what our names are and no one can tell us anything different. When you are in the light you know it. The best part about this is: whatever is mirrored in this light shines brighter. No darkness or confusion can exist within this light. As a matter of fact, Nikki answered one of the questions from the ‘Q&A” section of the group with “Only God exists” inwardly I felt that light… God and his Grace.

On that note… If you want to know more I’ve already told you what to do… With Love always.

“Light that Feels like Love...”

Akilah Peynado is an Intuitive Guide who runs Slaytheclutter where she discusses all things about the practice of Intentional Gratitude, healing through the contemplation of God and living a clutter free life- with love. You can find her on IG: @akilahpeynado and on her website

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