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New Growth – Ep. 4 – Fullness of Joy with John Stephenson

By January 28th, 2021No Comments
New Growth – Ep. 4 – Fullness of Joy with John Stephenson

John Stephenson joins Nikki for a conversation around cultivating oneness, tapping into the ethereal, and seeing beyond Maya’s illusion.

John Stephenson walked a spiritual path that few have tread so early in life. As a child, John was surrounded by the wisdom of Joel S. Goldsmith, legendary mystical writer and teacher, and he has been teaching Infinite Way principles since 1995. He is the author Fullness of Joy and The Atua Man, and you can keep up with his ongoing spiritual work at Aloha Mystics.

Foundations of Fullness
Welcoming John to the podcast, Nikki shares her personal journey in finding spirituality, and the important spark that his book Fullness of Joy has played in her continued awakening process. Nikki and John open this conversation by talking the foundations of fullness, moving beyond constructs and what it means to be All One.

“It was the opening of my consciousness, that the “I” that I am is universal being, that it is not a personalized construct of mind and body, but it is actually a spiritual identity.” – John Stephenson

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Experiencing Oneness (9:58)
What is the experience of oneness? We’ve all had moments where we’ve tapped into this unnamable essence, but is there a way to cultivate or intuit this feeling on demand? Nikki and John trade notes on the presence of oneness, love, and fullness.

“The feeling is of complete calm, stillness and silence. That’s where you experience oneness. When your mind is really engaged in the outer, that is the conceptual, and you’re always naming and labeling. You’ve been taught, you’ve been conditioned, to see things as good and evil, but when you go into that stillness, you no longer are judging the world by its appearances. You start experiencing the love.” 
– John Stephenson
The Illusion of Appearance (22:19)
Nikki and John dive beneath the illusory surface appearances of this world. There is something beyond the material laws of cause and effect. When we go beneath the surface and tap into the spiritual, we bring the spiritual into manifestation.

“As we start not naming and labeling, and not judging, not reacting to the constructs of this world, then we start seeing this world have less influence. It becomes more ethereal.” – John Stephenson

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