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This Cream Cleared My Daughter’s Eczema! | CURA

By December 8th, 2021One Comment
This Cream Cleared My Daughter's Eczema! | CURA
By Tricia Joseph of CURA

I was a new mother, at home with my first child and upon bringing my daughter home from the hospital felt anxious, nervous and joyful all at once. Shortly after bringing her home I noticed what could be described as a “weepy sore” around her neck. I did not immediately think anything of it, thinking it was just her skin adjusting to the environment. After a couple of weeks without any signs of improvement to her skin, my daughter was diagnosed with eczema. I was told that over the counter cortisone creams were the best path forward. As I began to conduct research on various products, I decided that the side effects which came with long term use was not something I wanted for my newborn baby.

After I became more knowledgeable and familiar with various treatment options for eczema, I developed a crème with all-natural ingredients which combined, showed promise to alleviate a variety of eczema symptom. Upon discussing and reviewing the ingredients with clinical practitioners, I created the crème and applied onto my daughters weeping sore – hoping that it would go away for good! Within days, the “weepy sore” around her neck went away! Cura Skin was born!

This Cream Cleared My Daughter's Eczema! | CURA

My daughter is now 9 years old and few people believe that she has eczema at all. She has beautiful scar-free skin. I am so fortunate to have had success with this product, and I’m thrilled to make this product available to the thousands of individuals who suffer with eczema.

If you or someone you know suffers with eczema, and the myriad of issues derived from this condition, I invite you to visit and give this product a try! It is made from all-natural ingredients designed to nourish, moisturize, and repair damaged and scarred skin.

You owe it to yourself to have the beautiful skin you desire!

One Comment

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