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New Growth w/ Nikki Walton – Ep. 6 – The Direct Experience of Enlightenment w/ Richard Lang

By January 28th, 2021No Comments
New Growth w/ Nikki Walton – Ep. 6 – The Direct Experience of Enlightenment w/ Richard Lang
Richard Lang joins Nikki to experiment in The Headless Way, a simple, yet profound self-inquiry methodology for boundless consciousness.

 Richard Lang is Co-ordinator of the Shollond Trust, the UK charity set up in 1996 to help share The Headless Way teachings with the world. After having his life changed through a Douglas Harding workshop, Richard Lang began living from, and sharing, The Headless Way teachings as a practical, user-friendly methodology of self-inquiry. Richard has authored, edited, and compiled books surrounding the teachings, including Seeing Who You Really Are, Celebrating Who We Are, and The Man With No Head: The Life and Ideas of Douglas Harding. You can learn more about Richard’s offerings, try out the experiments, and find audio and video resources at
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Headless Way, Singular Eye
Sharing her personal story of coming to Douglas Harding’s Headless Way teachings, Nikki invites Richard to describe the perspective-shifting methodology in its simple profundity. The Headless Way is in noticing the difference between what you look like to somebody else from an outside perspective, to what you look like from inside your own individual, first-person, faceless, boundless view. That is to say, ‘Who one really is, is looking out of this singular eye.’
“What we’re doing here is bringing our attention home to the place you’re looking out of. Do you see yourself looking out of two little windows, or one, open, boundless, frameless space?” – Richard Lang

The Mirror of Language: Putting Your Face On (5:50)

Nikki and Richard elucidate the mirror of identity that language reflects upon us. As a baby, in the preverbal stage, when looking in the mirror, you are open space, boundless experience. Rather than being locked into the concept of yourself as a person wrapped inside a body; instead you are experience at large, totally open for the world. Richard shares that living from this perspective of reality flowing through you, rather than to you, is not denying the reality of the separate self. It’s about having a balance of both.

“As we grow up, through language we learn to see ourselves from outside. We take that image from the mirror, pull it out, flip it the other way around, put it on, and imagine you are behind the face. You have to do that to understand your place in the world.” – Richard Lang

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Experiments in Boundlessness (16:30)

Offering simple, yet profound Headless Way thought-experiments to help one open to a more boundless sense of consciousness, Nikki and Richard help to reconcile the usual dichotomy we experience in our practices and daily lives where we assume feelings of tension, separation, and suffering are getting in the way of our experience, rather than being an integral part of it. Nothing is happening despite us, it’s happening within us. The simple at-home experiments offer a hands-on embodiment of this perspective flip.
“One of the big things that people get caught up in, is that they think they’ve got to get rid of suffering, tension, or the feeling of being a separate person, and as long as they’ve got this feeling of self-consciousness that they’re not doing it right. That’s just not true. You’re doing it right…and you feel tense. You’re doing it right…and you feel self-conscious.” – Richard Lang

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