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New Growth w/ Nikki Walton – Ep. 7 – A Fullness of Love with Satpal Singh

By January 28th, 2021No Comments

New Growth w/ Nikki Walton – Ep. 7 – A Fullness of Love with Satpal Singh


Satpal Singh joins Nikki Walton for a conversation around letting wisdom guide your practice, the power of mantra, and connecting to a fullness of love.

Satpal Singh is a lecturer in Gurmat spiritual philosophy, specializing in non-duality and mindfulness practices. In 2012 he founded Nanak Naam, which started as a Youtube channel and is now a registered charity in the UK. Satpal has delivered lectures and meditation classes for over ten years, and combines a unique blend of ancient spiritual wisdom with easy-to-follow techniques. Be sure to follow Nanak Naam on Instagram.

Wisdom is the Teacher
Nikki welcomes Satpal, who describes himself not as a teacher, but as someone who wants to connect people to the wisdom of his spiritual tradition. He talks about how we have to combine that wisdom with spiritual practice, and let it guide us on the path. Satpal shares a method to help build a baseline of tranquility and explores how the cause of suffering is simply our mental narrative.

“In my tradition, there is only one teacher, which is the wisdom itself, and we’re all the students. So I always say I’m not the teacher of this wisdom, I’m simply relaying how the wisdom has impacted my life.” – Satpal Singh

The Power of Mantra (18:56)
Nikki and Satpal discuss how the thinking mind is always meditating on Maya, illusion. Satpal talks about the power of mantra, and recommends new people start with a simple mantra such as “thank you.” He shares a practice centered around acceptance and non-resistance.

“You realize the whole universe is really quiet most of the time… Even in the noise of the city, the noise of your mind is actually worse.” – Satpal Singh

A Fullness of Love (40:05)
Nikki and Satpal recommend a few books to check out. They discuss devotional music such as Kirtan and how it’s a very powerful tool on the path. Satpal talks about how love is the key to mantra practice, and how we can connect to the fullness of love that lies within all of us.

“More importantly, what’s so key with a mantra practice is the emotion of love. To me, that’s always been so powerful.” – Satpal Singh

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