My skin on 2 staple products. No makeup. 
(Bolden’s Glycolic Acid Toner and Mad Hippie’s Vitamin A Serum– I cleanse with Cetaphil’s Face Wash or Glow Recipe’s Blueberry Bounce)
1. 15 minute beditation (I meditate before I even get up– finding Love, and then choosing to be That, rather than just Nikki, throughout the day). 
2. Open ‘The Supreme Yoga’ to any page and read a passage or two. Open ‘Miracle of Love’ to a random page and read a story or two. 
3. Neem capsules on an empty stomach with room temp water (benefits | the ones I buy)

4. Sun salutations x 6
5. Mantra (Ram) writing in journal x 108
6. Conscious belly breathing and shower while listening to him, or him, or kirtan/christian/other feel good music.  I’ve been feeling Coldplay for years now.   
7. Since my face was cleaned the night before, I rinse with cold water and apply Bolden’s glyolic acid toner.  The ingredients are super moisturizing and I usually don’t require a follow-up moisturizer! 
8. Don #TheUniform – skinny jeans, tshirt, scarf/shawl, red lippie 
9. Hair is usually already in a bun that I just re-lay. 
10. Intermittent fasting til 12pm. My belly bloat is permanently gone! 
Standing with you in and AS Love,