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JOIN US!- New #ReadWithLove Book Club Begins Monday at 7pm ET

By January 28th, 20214 Comments
JOIN US!- New #ReadWithLove Book Club Begins Monday at 7pm ET
“Where I am, God is. I need never fear; I need never be afraid. This Presence is with me. This I is within me.” 

“All there is to a spiritually fruitful life is this conscious abiding in and through the Presence.” 

“Not by might, nor by power,” but by this indwelling Spirit. Never again is it possible to be tempted to accept the belief that you must demonstrate anything other than the continuous realization of this indwelling Presence, because It becomes the form of fulfillment.” 

“As you remember that it is the recognition of the presence of God in you, and as you are still enough to recognize the presence of this I within you, It then takes care of the daily bread, food, clothing, housing, joy, peace, safety, security, reward, and recognition– whatever the nature of the fulfillment is to be.”

– Joel Goldsmith, ‘The Mystical I’

Hey hey!

We’re starting again, with a new book, The Mystical I, by Joel Goldsmith.  It’s from his final talks (in 1963 and 1964), and truly a culmination of everything he shared over the years. Of the many books of his I’ve read (more than 6), it’s my absolute favorite.

JOIN US!- New #ReadWithLove Book Club Begins Monday at 7pm ETJOIN US!- New #ReadWithLove Book Club Begins Monday at 7pm ET


Join us Monday, 11/9, at 7pm ET / 6pm CT (new time!) as we meditate and chat about the first chapter, ‘I Stand At the Door’. REGISTER HERE!  See you soon!
Standing with you in and AS Love,



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  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @unknown – I need it, too! It's one of my most heavily highlighted books ever. I can't wait to revisit with y'all!

    @Scean yay!!! I love you! See you soon! xx

  • Scean E. says:

    Looking forward to this one and hoping I can be more consistent this time around!

  • Unknown says:

    I can not wait! I need this so bad!

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