“The spirit of God is within me and dwells in me. The spirit of God goes before me to ‘make the crooked places straight,’ to prepare mansions for me. The spirit of God has ordained me. 

Only when you have come into this agreement within yourself do you become the child of God. Then you no longer live by effort, but by grace. You then inherit your good. You do not labor for it, struggle for it, strive for it: you inherit it.” -Joel Goldsmith 

Hey love, hey!

Here’s yesterday’s #ReadWithLove replay! We discussed chapters 3-6 of ‘The Mystical I’ by Joel Goldsmith and meditated on what I called, ‘background music’… the Love, the feeling of well being that’s always, already in the background of each moment. Check it out, and join us next week on Monday at 7pm ET! 

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!