by Tangia Seward of

Do you have a hair care regimen? If not, here’s why you should. 


What is a hair care regimen you ask? It is a specific routine or process you perform on a consistent basis to keep your hair healthy and flourishing. Hair care regimens differ according to an individual’s culture and the physical characteristics of their hair. A basic hair care regimen can include shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in conditioner.

A wash day routine is essential for optimal hair health. Having an amazing tool like The Curl Calendar helps to:
a. Observe hair growth
b. Eliminate guesswork 
c. Save money 

Let me break it down!


The Curl Calendar is the first of its kind to help you save time tracking your Regimen on Wash Day. You’ll be keeping a clear visual journal of your success in retaining your overall hair health. It literally takes seconds to mark the boxes and write your quick notes on what you observe during Wash Day. Example: Your breakage or shedding levels.


Consistently paying attention to what steps you take on Wash day, will ultimately lead you to having a better relationship with your hair. Over time, you will know what your hair needs and when it needs it. You’ll no longer be at the mercy of the confusion that came with NOT having a hair care Regimen. The Curl Calendar allows you to track what steps you took, eliminating the guesswork!


Customizing your Regimen will be a total game changer for your pockets! Now that you have taken the time to learn your specific hair needs, you will have a pretty concrete list of your Holy grail products. No more overspending on hair care products that you just DON’T need! No more overspending on trendy tools that just don’t work for you. The Curl Calendar will be your best asset to achieving your hair goals. Now take your poppin’ curls & that money you saved and go on a bomb vacation sis!

So what exactly is The Curl Calendar you ask?

The Curl Calendar is the first ever reusable natural hair journal! Keep track of your favorite routines, hair styles, and haircuts from the convenience of your bathroom mirror. There has never been an easier way to guarantee your wash day success!

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