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So this lovely lady, Kimesha Malone, aka K-Boogie, bka YoMamaMesh, and I went to college together (Truman State University – Class of ’05), and it’s been beautiful watching her not only rock out motherhood, but take the time to prioritize and follow her dreams.  She recently published her first book! Check out the news feature below and head over to IG to enter her giveaway for a signed copy to gift to the kiddo in your life! 

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via KSDK.com

St. Louisan Kimesha Malone is a mom of 4, registered nurse, blogger, and now children’s book author. She always wanted to write a book and took the opportunity to make a difference. The main character in “Santa meets the Tooth Fairy” is African American.

“With the main character being African American, I did want to highlight that representation,” she said.

The Cooperative Children’s Book Center tracks diversity in children’s books and in 2018, found that only 10% of the stories published featured African American characters.

She said, “We felt it was time to change that statistic and with ‘Tairy’ being African American and other characters being racially ambiguous, it gives readers and children of the world being celebrated and recognized, represented.”

“Santa Meets the Tooth Fairy” is based on something that happened to her son.

She said, “What inspired it was a family friend – their child lost their tooth on Christmas Eve, and the following year, it happened to my son on the same night.”

Which got her thinking, what happens when everyone is asleep and Santa and the Tooth Fairy come on the same night? Her kids wondered what that meeting was like too, and helped their mom write the book.

The hardcover book along with pre-order package rewards like tooth pillows and more is only available on her blog, just visit yomamasworld.com/santameets. The paperback version is now available on Amazon.

Head over to IG now to enter the giveaway for your signed copy!