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Curly Nikki

“I Get Finer Every Time I Heal.”

By February 24th, 2021No Comments

I get finer every time i heal

Let me tell y’all how I approach every issue, situation, or seeming problem that comes up during the day:

1. I notice the ‘problem’ and the accompanying thoughts and feelings that seem to come along with it. This is just simple attention… awareness. Like, ‘oh, frustration is here.’ Fun.

2. I remind myself that this isn’t a test or challenge from the universe, and that I’m safe. All is well, even if it doesn’t look like it. I used to even say to myself, ‘I am safe.’

3. Next, I recognize the ‘problem’ not as a problem, but as an opportunity to practice feeling Peace. To practice staying aware of Divine Love, my throne, God with, in, and AS me, no matter what’s happening.  So then, there’s the ‘problem’, the thoughts and feeling of frustration AND the gentle perception of Love. I’m feeling Love while seeing the ‘problem’. I know that where the ‘problem’ seems to be, only Love is. Only this Love is real.

4. With that felt-knowledge, this felt-faith, I lean into the awareness of Love, and notice the tummy release, the shoulders relax, the jaw unclench, and a smile come to this face. Breathing is slow and deep in the belly. Then I watch what needs to get done, get done.

Our goal all day is to remember the place inside that sounds like silence and feels like love, no matter what the dream is serving up. We must keep a foot in the Kingdom at all times. This is the way. Residing in Truth, in this inner Kingdom IS the healing and It appears as everything we need, including ‘that beauty that don’t fade!’

With you in and AS the healing,

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