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Curly Nikki

Leave Them Better Than You Find Them!

By February 24th, 2021No Comments

how to treat people as yourself, as God in Drag Ram Dass

Why? Because she knows the deepest truth behind the Golden Rule. She recognizes ‘the people’ as her Self. She sees ‘them’ as the rest of her Self. As more of her Self. As other-selves. She ‘treats everyone she meets as if they are God in drag’.  Even the ornery ones. ESPECIALLY the ornery ones!

And with this knowledge, she can’t help but serve ‘them’, because she is ‘them.’ She can’t help but Love ‘them’, because ‘they’ are her.

She realizes that although she sees many forms, many ‘people’, including what she takes to be herself, she only feels the One. Her true Self. And so there’s no one to hate, compete with, be envious of, or angry with, because It’s all her. It’s all Go(o)d.

She finally understands that Love is here, and that’s all that’s here… there… everywhere.**

With you in and beyond Love’s various costumes,

* #ramdass
** #HerbFitch


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