My WHOLE Life Regimen

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My Whole Life Regimen

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Get your Life right and everything else—including your relationships, health, and hair will follow. Here’s my routine:


  • Wake up before the sun (usually 5:15am) with the immediate intention to remember, before my feet even hit the floor, that ‘Only Love is here’, or ‘I am Love, and all that I see- every person, place, and thing, including ‘me’, is only Love appearing as person, place, and thing.’
  • Meditation/Japa for 1.5 hours w/ my tulsi bead mala
  • Journaling for 15 minutes
  • Read or listen to something spiritual, like THIS.
  • Yoga (6 rounds of sun salutations)
  • Down a glass of room temp water + Liposomal Vitamin C + B12 drops
  • MUSIC and walk to the beach (if it ain’t raining!) OR sit on the dock
  • MUSIC, shower and sanging lol
  • HumanRace’s Rice Powder Face Cleanser + Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C Serum
  • Light breakfast (oatmeal and fruit)
  • Write to y’all!


  • Vegetarian lifestyle minus the eggs
  • Read or listen to uplifting things intermittently (one airpod stays in haha)
  • No face make-up unless I’m on TV, recording, or in another fancy situation. Just… vitamin c serum, lipstick, and Go(o)d energy! If I’m recording, my go-to is a simple, fresh face– an under-eye concealer by Il Makiage, mascara by Thrive Causemetics, and a matte lipstick by Uoma.
  • No alcohol, no coffee, no caffeinated teas— I’ve always tended toward high anxiety and cutting coffee and tea helped tremendously. Conscious, deep belly breathing also changed everything!




  • Travel somewhere I’ve never been (but Covid)
  • Silent retreat!
  • 2-3 New projects that scare me

What’s your Whole Life routine?