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R I S E with Jahnavi Harrison : New Growth with Nikki Walton Ep 11

By February 19th, 2021No Comments

Nikki Walton Jahnavi Harrison New Growth Podcast


The multitalented Jahnavi Harrison joins Nikki for a conversation about navigating our spiritual path and growing through the practices of kirtan and mantra.

Watering The Roots
Jahnavi shares her unique and eclectic spiritual upbringing. She and Nikki reflect on the value of bringing in different traditions and spiritual practices into our lives and discuss the ways that different paths resonate with each of us.

“Yoga means to connect, to bind back together. Bhakti speaks about that love that is innate in the soul for God. I am grateful for that because I feel like it helped me to grow up seeing the world through that lens of what is helpful for developing Bhakti and what is not helpful – rather than ‘your religion’ and ‘my religion.” – Jahnavi Harrison

When The Practice is Not Always Perfect (17:45)
Nikki and Jahnavi speak about the fruits of maintaining a regular spiritual practice and get real about the challenges we all face keeping a regular practice.

“I feel on top of the world when I do the practice (mantra) properly in the morning. I feel nourished and clear-headed – I just feel revitalized.” – Jahnavi Harrison

R I S E (34:50)
Jahnavi offers advice about reigning in an overactive mind during mantra practice. She shares techniques we can use to move past mental chatter and come into a centered place.


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